To danzao town party organizations at all levels and all party members of the proposal

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Build a Tight defense Line for Epidemic Prevention and control — A proposal to Party Organizations at All levels and All Party Members of Danzao TownCurrent during the Spring Festival travel peak, our province and surrounding provinces in the local epidemic, prevention and control situation is more complex and severe against input, “bounce” pressure is still large, for a solid epidemic prevention and control work, play a role of grass-roots party organization at the head of the global and the party members’ exemplary, construction of epidemic prevention and control of defense,Party organization of all levels to whole town now, all communist sends out proposal: one, raise political station position earnestly.Town party organizations at all levels and party members should thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of the epidemic prevention and control of important spirit, enhance the political stance, “the head of the” mind, resolutely implement the general secretary, the CPC Central Committee and the superior party committee of xi all policy decisions, earnestly implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” total strategy, mobilize the masses and social forces to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control,We have taken concrete actions to demonstrate our commitment to upholding the “two principles” and “two principles”, and let the Party flag fly high on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Second, build a strong fortress of epidemic prevention.We should give full play to the political and organizational advantages of Party organizations in various fields and their close ties with the people, strengthen resource allocation, information exchange and responsibility implementation, and ensure that all epidemic prevention and control measures are effective.Village (community) Party organizations should make full use of the advantages of three-level grid management of Party construction, promote party branches and households to contact party groups to carry out registration, screening, health testing and persuasion of migrants, returnees, especially those from medium-high risk areas and other key groups in economic cooperatives.Party organizations of government organs and functional units should promptly organize Party members and cadres to go down to villages (communities) and support front-line epidemic prevention and control work.The “two New” Party organizations, such as business associations and non-public enterprises, should strengthen the monitoring and management of returning employees, and earnestly assist enterprises in the resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure the balance between production and epidemic prevention.Third, play a vanguard role.Party members in the town should give full play to the promising spirit of “volunteer, dare to take responsibility, and worship reality and good deeds”, strengthen the sense of the overall situation, sense of responsibility, and actively participate in the front line of epidemic prevention and control work to forge a promising vanguard team.We should take the lead in personal and family protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep ventilation, minimize gatherings, observe the “one meter line” rule, and suspend travel to medium-high risk areas.To actively cooperate with jurisdiction party organizations to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work, take the initiative to bright identity practice commitment, take the lead in response to a call for nucleic acid detection, high risk areas in the researchers’ screening and persuasion, volunteer service, lead the policy propaganda and public opinion guidance, education to guide the masses, follow instructions, service scheduling, confidence, science, epidemic prevention, earnestly implementing the health management measures,Actively cooperate with epidemic investigation, and jointly build a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control.In the face of the epidemic, the first line of prevention and control is committed to the mission.Town party organizations at all levels and the general party members must adhere to the idea of people first, always put people’s life safety and body health as the first, promising further carry forward the spirit, the practice of beginner’s mind mission, bear responsibility, quickly into the epidemic prevention and control of each work, make flag flying high in a line, let emblem and shining at the grassroots level.Source: Dan Zao Party construction editor: Foshan news Du Jia Wen point share point collection