Two people are teachers and students love, accidental pregnancy to abortion, found to be twins, daughter later popular all over China

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Although the Republic of China experienced an upgrade in ideology, the majority of the people still had some feudal ideas. Teachers were a model of teaching and educating people at that time, and now they are also extremely glorious jobs.But if a teacher was found to have had a student-teacher relationship that year, her reputation would surely take a nosediement.Love between teachers and students was considered taboo at that time, and when it was revealed to the world, people would have to face the words of others.Yuan Liheng was a well-known economist in China during the Republic of China. In 1916, his daughter Yuan Xingshu was born. As an intellectual, he attached great importance to the education of his daughter.Soon after the birth of his daughter, he arranged a lot of education plans, including going to the best schools and inviting Chen Zhiping, a private school teacher. It can be said that the father really devoted a lot of efforts to his daughter.However, it is this private school teacher Chen Zhiping, became the fuse of the father-daughter relationship filled with smoke taste in the future.At the time of his invitation, Chen Zhiping was only 20 years old and had some local reputation. He was young, educated, good-looking and had some achievements in literature and history.At that time, Yuan Xingshu was only 12 years old, still a little girl, but her thoughts had already entered the rebellious stage.In front of a gentle man with knowledge and appearance, the behavior of a gentleman considerate, under the day and night, Yuan Xingshu began to produce a good impression of Chen Zhiping.This kind of feeling is more and more strong as the ellapse of time, Chen Zhiping also can feel, the daughter that faces beauty is like flower young lady, his heart also began to produce throb.However, teacher-student love was the representative of taboo love at that time, and the age gap between them was also a little big, so even though both sides knew each other’s intention, they could only be carefully expressed silently when getting along.When feeling strong, they know to hide not to live, choose to talk about underground love, two people are together greatly privately square, after the person installs ordinary teacher-student relation.At that time, it was really difficult for them to consummate their love. Yuan’s father was a famous economist, and his family was from a wealthy family. His reputation was well known throughout the country, and many well-known businessmen and political leaders had very good relationships with him.In contrast, although Chen Zhiping said that he was young and promising, and had a good reputation in the local area, but compared with such a banker economist to create a wealthy family, or far from the poor, after all, Chen Zhiping’s background is very ordinary, improper family, want to get parental consent is almost impossible.However, Yuan Xingshu chose to adhere to love, she constantly expressed his heart for Chen Zhiping’s love and yearning for the future life and determination.In the end, the father because of his daughter’s love, but also because Chen Zhiping is a reliable child, chose to unify.So the age gap of 8 years they got married, that was Yuan Xingshu was still studying, but not long after, after examination, she was pregnant.The couple had no plans to have a child at the time, and since Yuan hadn’t finished her studies, they decided to abort the baby anyway.However, after really going to the hospital to do a further examination, it was found that the pregnancy was actually twins.Aborting a child itself makes two difficult to give up, now pregnant with two children, they are going to give up the idea of aborting the child.On April 20, 1938, two children were born, a son named Chen Jue and a daughter named Chen Zhe.After the birth of their child, the couple took care to raise one of their daughters, who inherited their literary talents and fell in love with her teacher as her mother did when she was in middle school, but she didn’t have the same luck as her mother, and the relationship ended miserably.Her name was Chen Zhe. After her marriage failed, she wrote a novel called “Out of the Window”, and the pseudonym on the book was Qiong Yao.