Wensheng street launched the “100 Lantern riddles and Lantern Festival” activity

2022-04-20 0 By

The Lantern Festival is China’s traditional festival, meaning happy reunion.In order to welcome the arrival of the Lantern Festival, wensheng street held an activity themed “One hundred Lantern riddles and Yuanxiao” on February 15, everyone enjoyed the fun, learned from the fun and appreciated the profound Chinese language.Colorful pieces of paper hung with riddles were blowing in the wind and beaming with joy.We see riddles, guessing riddles, some silent meditation, some mutual discussion, common experience lantern riddles bring fun, from time to time bursts of happy laughter.Riddles are puzzles we love, and guess idioms, guess names, etc., after a lot of hard meditation, a riddle was guessed, we hold the prize in hand, happy face.The lantern Riddles guessing activity has been praised by everyone, not only further promote the traditional Culture of the Chinese nation, but also for the majority of officials and staff to create a peaceful and festive, lively and harmonious festival atmosphere, for the construction of safe streets played a positive role.