Yoga pants are recommended for daily wear in addition to sports and good body display

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Yoga pants are recommended for daily wear in addition to sports and good body display.Yoga pants match problem in multiple article and we discussed before, now generally only yoga pants, tie-in and knitwear, tie-in shirt, or a fleece and coat and show everyone the collocation of more comfortable, so in addition to these color is tie-in, we match in yoga pants, and some relatively joker, not easy to get wrong collocation method, for everyone to share.A, color clothes must have a contrast to make it more give prize, in the color of the joker, small sweet a lot of all the colors of the wind, yellow, red, dark blue, orange, if you want to let oneself deserve to act the role of more collocation and yoga pants, you can use small sweet wind shirt, yoga pants or fleece on collocation, is easy to make color harmonious combination,Let the whole feel more tasteful and temperament, for example, with a blue background, with a black hoodie, it will look very artistic, and the same color of yoga pants, if the red hoodie as the background, with the same color of yoga pants is also very coordinated.This is one of the most familiar collocation. In fact, if you want to match a striped yoga pants, the bottom of the matching clothes should be as short as possible. If you can wear shorts and skirts, try not to wear pants, because pants will appear very thick, and stripes are very thick, and it is easy to look fat in the vision.Stripe of yoga pants try to choose the design of tall waist, if the stripe full-figured, ass girl, as far as possible the upper arm, do a clean flesh, let whole proportion more coordinated, if it is a slim girl, no girth of girl, if you want to match the stripe of yoga pants, will choose to cultivate one’s morality version as far as possible, and trousers to reveal a little thin parts as far as possible,For thigh pants, try to show the smallest part of your ankle for a slimmer effect.The stripe is, must be brief paragraph coat, or a high waist, because fat girls yoga pants is not suitable for long, can appear very fat, very fat, especially fatty, no waist fat, also not easy to modify their own shortcomings, because too lenient long yoga pants gives person’s feeling, let a person look super no temperament,Special fat girls try not to choose such a yoga pants, long money not only look sloppy, leg also thick, if it is not the pursuit of shape on the show thin effect, little fairies don’t choose long wide clothes as far as possible, try to grow a yoga pants, will have a good figure girl waist, small shorts and short skirt collocation, can very good show their slim.3, coat actually besides the black and white stripe that says above, bull-puncher series also is very good, because the colour of bull-puncher is very lively, good collocation, won’t let a person feel very massiness.And jeans with yoga pants, if your body is more symmetrical, try to choose the style of a-line skirt, so that it is thinner, if the short girl, try to wear the style of high waist, so that it is more longer legs, the most suitable for slender girls.