Zhu Zhu posted a picture of her daughter, with her husband Wang Yunjia holding her baby with one hand and drinking coffee with the other

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Zhu Zhu’s husband, can be said to be a new child control, often share their children, is a good family care.Wang yunjia posted a picture of his father and daughter together on Feb 8, saying in a childlike tone: “Dad, don’t forget to give me some.”What are Wang Yunjia’s daily habits?He always sprays gel into his hair, which he wears with a distinctive red sweater.Holding his baby in one hand, a cup in the other and a pacifier in the other, Wang yunjia looks like a super father.The daughter looked curiously at her father. She was very lovely and should have been a greedy child.Wang yunjia behaved well in front of the children. Her daughter was exposed as a pure face when she was born.With little hair, a round face and small eyes, he looks more like his father, but his parents have double eyelids, while his child has only one eye, indicating that he has a recessive gene.Zhu Zhu’s daughter is named “Wang Baozhu”, which has both father’s surname and mother’s surname. The Chinese character “bao” in the middle means “baby of parents”. Although the name is very good, it always feels too dull.The family’s life was filled with a sense of ceremony. Zhu zhu and Wang yunjia even held a wedding ceremony, inviting their relatives and friends.Wang yunjia often posts pictures of his daughter stretching her neck and drooling as her father drinks coffee.A man in a suit, holding a child in his arms, extremely attractive!Wang yunjia takes his daughter out to dinner and to art exhibitions, which is a good education.Zhu Zhu is also on this day, a family of three doing yoga in the sun, Wang Yunjia is a riding clothes, should be just riding, Zhu Zhu arms holding his daughter, a happy face.Although zhu Zhu is not well-known in the circle, she has a rich love history. She once had an affair with Rapp Elkan, a former board member of Juventus, but it never ended, perhaps because of the cultural differences between China and the West.