Zou Shiming’s wife, a former CCTV host, has responded to a plastic surgery problem with exaggerated eyelashes

2022-04-20 0 By

Zou Shiming’s wife Ran Yingying recently posted a series of beautiful photos on her social media site in response to her previous plastic surgery problems, which sparked heated discussion among netizens.Ran said on her micro blog that she was too busy to have time to put on makeup, and that maybe it was the reason, it would make people feel different.However, in the photos of Ran yingying, her makeup is very special, especially her eye makeup, thick eyelashes, like a spider, a pair of big eyes, a small face, make her look a little weird.Many netizens said that Ran’s makeup was horrible, even in her photos, while others said that ran was like this because everyone’s style is different.People often think of Her husband zou Shiming when talking about Ran Yingying, but few people know that before they married, Ran was a CCTV host. At that time, Ran was not only beautiful, but also very capable. Ran was very popular and often appeared on CCTV programs.Zou Shiming is a famous boxer. Zou Shiming won the first gold medal in Chinese boxing, and Zou Shiming also won more championships for China in this competition.Zou fell in love with Ran after meeting her in an interview. After zou married in 2011, Zou often went out to exercise. Zou soon quit her job as a CCTV host to focus on her family.Ran has been married to Zou shiming for 10 years and their relationship is good. Ran also has three children and their life is very happy.I wish they could be happy forever.