A distant married daughter returned to her mother’s home in Jiangxi province and basked in her mother’s delicious food

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Hello, everyone. I am little Lemon, a mother who loves food and life.Here is little Lemon’s little kitchen, only good food and company to live up to.Eat well alone. Good food is as important as happiness. Remember to eat well.People often say, “men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.”When girls choose to marry, it means that they will leave their parents and start their own life anew.However, the girl who marries far away is to leave the familiar relatives and friends, the familiar environment to start a new life in a strange place.My friends are getting married and having children, and many of my friends are also getting married and going to other places.The daughter who marries far away from home can only see her parents when she returns to her parents’ home during the Spring Festival, looking at the hometown where she grew up, which is both familiar and strange.A distant married daughter returned to her mother’s home in Jiangxi province and basked in her mother’s delicious food.When their daughters return home, their parents always treat them with the best and most sumptuous food.My mother cooked a sumptuous table of delicacies, all the favorite dishes for my daughter, son-in-law and family.A total of 8 dishes, meat, vegetables and soup, meat and vegetables with good nutrition.False yan dish is our local traditional food, is the size of the banquet, every festival, one of the indispensable food.Fake yancai can also be called fish shreds, with more than every year, long long meaning.False swallows taste smooth and fresh, with a faint smell of fish.Buckwheat tou is our local winter vegetable, buckwheat tou can be fried food, also can make stuffing.Stir-fried mushroom with buckwheat head is delicious and delicious, with the best taste.Meatball soup is our most common local soup, meatball round shape, with a round, happy meaning.Preserved meat and vegetables are indispensable delicacies on our local table. Preserved meat is salty and delicious, while vegetables are crisp and refreshing.Chili fried bean curd bamboo, roast meat look appetitive, must be very fragrant.Moxa eggs moxa eggs are one of our local adults and children’s favorite food, but also one of the treats for guests.In our local guests come to our home, they will be steamed eggs or boiled mugwort eggs.Mugwort eggs are boiled with mugwort leaves, ginger, goji berries, dates and eggs. It takes about several hours to drink.Mugwort egg mainly drink soup, because the old people often say: “drink more mugwort egg soup is good for the body, very tonic body.”This stewed dinner has seven courses, six courses and one soup, and every course looks delicious.Stir-fried sausage with garlic sprouts, stir-fried vegetable heart, roasted skin meat, stir-fried pork with cabbage, stir-fried large intestine with radish, braised chicken, crisp ball soup, and a bowl of chili-looking soy sauce.A sumptuous dinner can show the mother’s love for her long-married daughter!Chicken is a common meat, which is most nutritious when used in soup, and more nourishing when added to herbs.This big pot of medicinal chicken soup smells good.It is conceivable that the mother’s love for her far-married daughter is quite fond of her son-in-law.Strawberry Mother not only cooked a sumptuous meal, but also prepared many fresh seasonal fruits.Strawberries are one of them. Looking at a fresh, good-looking strawberry, you instantly crave strawberries.Fruit platter The fruit platter is very fresh and beautifully arranged.Fruit platters with cantaloupe, strawberry, grape, mango, cherry, navel orange, blueberry, green mango, a little envy.Cherries cherries are imported fruit and they are more expensive.Can buy a box of cherries, parents can be seen to marry daughter’s love.It is one of the most common breakfasts in our local area, with 2 fried eggs added, which is really enviable.Chicken soup can supplement nutrition, so the mother cooked chicken soup for her far-married daughter to drink.Chestnut chicken soup is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients, this bowl of chicken soup looks appetizing, must be very good to drink.When the daughter returned to her mother’s house, the mother would prepare delicious drinks to entertain her daughter.I am afraid that my daughter can’t get used to the food outside, miss the taste of home and starve herself.The daughter is the parents of the small cotton-padded jacket, no matter married, or gave birth to the child, the daughter is always the parents of the baby.What dish do you miss your mother most?What’s your favorite dish mom cooked?Feel free to leave a comment.Thank you for reading, your love is my biggest motivation.Like can like comment attention (every day not regular update, remember to pay attention to me — small lemon’s small kitchen)