A man in Henan province was surprised when his wife drew a painted face and asked him to order his meal

2022-04-21 0 By

Guide language: there are always some people like to do mischief in the life, adults or children worth mentioning, sometimes like to be on other people’s face or it is the skin to draw pictures, good-tempered people feel it doesn’t matter, if bad-tempered estimation can be angry.A few days ago in Zhengzhou, Henan province, a couple went out, the husband went to order food, the waiter saw the husband’s appearance, at that time laughing crazy, the husband did not know what to do, then realized that he had been painted a big face.The original is because the wife is angry with the man, so he deliberately painted the man’s face into “ice pier pier”, and then do not tell him, so let him go out.I didn’t know this until I was reminded that the waiter was laughing all the time.But the man didn’t get angry and made faces.After watching the movie, netizens all laughed and commented on it. Some netizens said, “What can make you so noisy and not angry is definitely true love.” She painted a big face and then went out to be laughed at, generally people would be angry what, but her husband still smiled happily, which shows that it is true love.”The cashier was covering her face and laughing like crazy.” Anyone who sees a customer like this probably can’t help but laugh, but don’t laugh too much or others will get angry.Another said her husband would be angry.There will always be people who are good-natured, love their wives and tolerate their little pranks.Of course, although the pet, but also can not do some too much things, feelings sometimes can not afford to consume it.Conclusion: the man was dazzled to order food, the waiter laughed crazy.