China team, first gold medal

2022-04-21 0 By

China’s short track speed skating team won China’s first gold medal in the mixed team relay final on February 5th.Congratulations to Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu!China won the first gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing with a time of 2:37.348.This is also the “Chinese team” in the previous Winter Olympic short track speed skating event to get the 11th gold medal!After the game, the whole audience shouted, the Chinese short track speed skating team of 4 athletes held high the Chinese national flag, in the rink to salute the audience!The short track speed skating competition will be held from February 5 to 16, with a total of nine gold MEDALS to be awarded: the men’s 500-meter, 1,000-meter, 1,500-meter and 5,000-meter relay, and the women’s 500-meter, 1,000-meter, 1,500-meter and 3,000-meter relay.We look forward to more achievements of The Chinese short track speed skating team!Expect this good news to inspire the Chinese sports delegation to bring home more gold MEDALS!Reporter: Xu Jinyu Editor: Xue Jing