Cmder is a Linux command that runs on Windows.

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Many engineers are used to using Linux under some commands, and then to use Windows CMD is unbearable.The most popular ways to run Linux commands on Windows are GunWin32, Cygwin, WSL (Bash on Windows), Git Bash, PowerShell.WSL: Cygwin: Git Bash: PowerShell or simply install a virtual machine and install Ubuntu inside.CmderCmder is a Windows command line tool that works as smoothly as Linux commands. CmderCmder is a Windows command line tool that works as smoothly as Linux commands.There are plenty of Linux commands to use: grep, curl, vim, grep, tar, unzip, SSH, ls, bash, perl, all of them.Download at there are two versions, respectively mini and full.The only difference is the availability of the built-in MsysGit tool, which comes standard with Git for Windows.If you have Git installed, download the Mini version.Installation is very simple to install after decompressing, and then run cmder.exe.After you start the program, you will be prompted to update the version. Because of the integration of git command, it is very convenient to version manage the code in Windows. The following is a summary of the log information of the chat room program written before.Win + Alt + P: Set screen (or right-click the icon in the upper left corner and select Settings)Ctrl + T:New tab dialog (maybe you want to open cmd as admin?)Ctrl + W: Close Shift + Alt + number: quickly open a new TAB: 1.cmd2. PowerShellAlt + Enter: full screen ShellCtrl + Alt + u:Traverse up in directory structure (lovely feature!)End, Home, Ctrl : Traverse text as usual on WindowsCtrl + r : History searchShift + mouse : Select and copy text from bufferRight click/Ctrl + Shift + v: Paste textHere’s how to switch to PowerShell.Press CTRL + mouse to zoom in and out. 3.Copy the selected text by pressing CTRL +c. CmderVScode is a popular IDE.Step 1: Ctrl+Shift+ P open settings.json: F: setup/Cmder add the following configuration script to the file: “”: { “Cmder”: { “path”: “${env:windir}\\System32\\cmd.exe”, “args”: [“/k”, “F:\\setup\\cmder\\vendor\\bin\\vscode_init.cmd”] }},””: “Cmder”, after restart, use the shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+ ‘) or open the terminal as shown in the following image: Cmder is already supported: