Double happiness?Zhang Meng Jinen Shengang received the certificate for 7 days, and the woman’s lower abdomen was very pregnant

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A few days after the Spring Festival, Zhang Meng Jinensheng officially announced his marriage. On the day they got the license, they even recorded a video to record the happy moment. However, after getting the license, they did not rush to do a wedding or go on a honeymoon.But to take advantage of the heat of marriage, actively into the live broadcast with goods, the dedication of the two former stars, is simply higher than the net red, of course, taking advantage of the heat, the turnover of the two people that day may be higher than the usual half a month.Recently, Zhang Meng shared a video on the social platform, still showing love with Jin Ensheng. However, in the video, Zhang Meng’s figure has changed a little, and she found that her lower abdomen is slight and pregnant.On the day, Zhang Wore a green knit dress, which accentuates her figure and she has often worn such tight clothes before.From the front, Zhang’s figure is still very good, but when she wiggles her body, her belly is clearly bulging and her limbs are still slim.Many netizens have found the changes of Zhang Meng, and everyone feels that Zhang Meng is full of pregnancy, which seems to be happy. In this way, Zhang Meng Jinensheng is double happy.However, some people think that Zhang Meng is just getting fat. However, if zhang Meng is getting fat, it is not possible that only her stomach gets fat and her limbs do not change at all. Moreover, her lower abdomen is still flat in the video she sent before.Zhang Meng and Jin En Shenggang received the license for seven days, and now it is reported that they are pregnant, which is probably the reason why they get the license. The probability is double happiness.In fact, we can see the change of Zhang Meng’s figure by comparing her previous videos. Zhang Meng often wears tight skirts or suits to highlight her good figure.However, after the official declaration, Zhang Meng’s dressing style has changed. Although she is still showing off her long legs, her clothes are obviously much looser than before.For netizens’ speculation, Zhang Meng did not reply to them. Although I do not know whether they are having double happiness, they have got married and are very happy now.Although There is no room for zhang Meng’s development in the entertainment circle, zhang Meng is flourishing in the field of Internet celebrities. The next day after receiving the license, they immediately began to broadcast live goods.Taking advantage of the popularity, zhang Meng was soon listed on the first place of the goods list. On the same day, their Xitang was also taken out for sale, and the goods on the shelves were immediately empty, which shows how strong zhang Meng’s ability to take goods.According to Zhang Meng, the clothes they wore when they got the license were from the Internet, less than 100 yuan, and the wedding dress they wore on their heads was also a gift, but these are not important, the important thing is that she married love.Although Zhang Meng and Jin Ensheng love from the beginning has been questioned by everyone, two live with goods are often mocked, but they do not care about these rumors, now two people love double harvest, very enviable.