From March to June, fishing in sichuan’s natural waters will be banned, and 5 to 10 recreational fishing bases will be built to alleviate the demand

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These two days, it is definitely not a happy day for fishing friends in Sichuan province. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Sichuan province issued the Management Measures for Recreational Fishing in The Forbidden Waters in The Yangtze River Basin of Sichuan Province (Trial), which clearly stipulates that Sichuan province will define the no-fishing areas and no-fishing period.Fishing will be banned from 00:00 On March 1 to 24:00 on June 30 every year, and fishing will be banned in the natural waters of the Yangtze River basin in Sichuan province.In fact, if we take out the map, we can see that sichuan is basically the whole province of the Yangtze River basin, and the ban on fishing in natural water areas means that there is no fishing during this period, and fishing is illegal.It can be said that among these provinces, sichuan’s fishing ban should be the strictest.At the same time, Sichuan seems to start a fishing registration system in China. In the measures, it mentioned exploring the establishment of a real-name registration record system for fishing personnel and the establishment of a registration and filing information system to facilitate fishing individuals to submit registration and filing information.This seems to be an attempt to register all anglers to make it easier to manage, but it is not yet clear whether there will be fees and assessments, and how long fishing licenses can be used once they are registered, whether they will last for life or require annual review.Of course, after the end of the no-fishing period, fishing can still be done outside the no-fishing zone, basically the same as other areas, using only one rod, line, hook tip not more than two fishing gear for fishing.More strictly, the ban on fishing equipment is included in the rules, meaning Sichuan is only the second province after Yunnan to ban the use of fishing and video AIDS on a province-wide basis.At the same time, the regulation prohibits the use of fish and shrimp living aquatic creatures as bait, which means the use of loach fishing, shrimp fishing and other fishing methods for carnivorous fish.So anglers have fishing addiction how to deal with it?According to the Sichuan Fisheries Association, the association organized a meeting on the 2022 work plan, and will expand the number of units to 300 by 2022, and set up 5 to 10 recreational fishing demonstration bases across the province.What is recreational fishing demonstration base?It’s basically a black pit or a toll pond.And who is the president of the Sichuan Fishery Association?Is Jin Long bait Zuo Xianjin, he said, fishing demonstration base, will play a leading role in demonstration, for fishing enthusiasts to provide more cultural travel leisure and learn skills platform.Well, free arenas are almost gone, so pay for paid arenas.What do you think?Would you go fishing at a recreational fishing base?I am a fisherman on the boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills all the spectators spare time to add a concern, thank you, also count to my post support