Guangzhou railway opened its first night high-speed train service for this year’s Spring Festival travel rush

2022-04-21 0 By

The first night high-speed train of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush departed from Guangzhou South Railway Station on Jan. 23.D4736 train left Guangzhou South Railway Station at 18:54 on January 23 and arrived at Chongqing West Railway Station at 2:28 on January 24. This is the first night high-speed train opened by Guangzhou Railway Group during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush.According to The Guangzhou Railway Group, 46.5 million trips are expected to be made during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, an increase of 5.872 million trips and 14.5 percent year-on-year.Since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush, the passenger flow has grown rapidly. On January 24th, it is expected that the passenger flow of The Spring Festival travel rush in Guangdong province will reach the peak before the festival, with 1.32 million passengers sent, an increase of 483,000 passengers year-on-year or 57.7%.According to the flow of migrant workers, students, family visits and hometowns, Guangzhou Railway Group plans to open 427 night high-speed trains during the Spring Festival travel rush to meet the demand of passengers, which will increase the capacity of about 240,000 passengers, mainly to Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchang and other popular passenger directions.