Is downtown behind the foreshore

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The foreshore will become the center of Shanghai.1. In Shanghai, China, east of Huangpu River, south of Chuanyang River, west of Jiyang Road and north of Huaxia West Road, there is an area named “Foreshore”.The 2.83 square kilometer area around the Oriental Sports Center, east of huangpu River, south of Chuanyang River, west of Jiyang Road and north of Huaxia West Road, has been newly named “Front Beach.”Speaking of the foreshore, Ma shijing is excited. “During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai will create a vertical development belt along the Huangpu River, and the foreshore is located at the junction of the two development axes in the future. Its geographical advantages cannot be duplicated.2. Shanghai is a famous national historical and cultural city with profound modern urban culture and numerous historical sites.The traditional Wuyue culture in the south of the Yangtze River and the industrial culture introduced from the west are integrated to form the unique Shanghai school culture. Most People in Shanghai belong to jiangsu and Zhejiang ethnic groups and use the Wu language.It was named “Shanghai” as early as the Song Dynasty. After 1843, Shanghai became a commercial port open to the outside world and rapidly developed into the largest city in the Far East. Today, Shanghai has successfully hosted the 2010 World Expo, China Shanghai International Art Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival and other large-scale international events.The Huangpu River is probably one of the most famous urban rivers in China.Before the middle of qing Dynasty, it was called “Huangpu” without the word “jiang”.In a Brief History of Shanghai, ge Jianxiong, a scholar, said that to call “Huangpu River” “Huangpu River” is equivalent to “Yellow River” plus the word “jiang”, which is a bit repetitive.”Pu” itself has the meaning of a river, it is obviously repeated to call “Huangpu River”, but the use of the name “Huangpu River” has been established.