Miniature novels: Director Jia Mingyi goes to the grass-roots level

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“Director Wu, tomorrow Friday, I plan to go to your place to exchange ideas and learn about the situation. As usual, please make preparations and make reception arrangements, ok?”Director Jia Mingyi of the group office called director Wu of the subsidiary office.Director Wu received such a telephone notice is not the first time, he knows what to do.For many years, Director Jia Mingyi had a working habit of going to the subsidiary companies every Friday, this week to this, next week to that.The offices of the subsidiary knew what Director Jia Mingyi was going to do, so they waited for the phone call on Thursday. If there was a phone call, the weekend would be invalid.If not, rest assured.Subsidiaries hope he can come, come more or less can reflect some problems, at least he is on behalf of the group;They didn’t want him to come. In fact, it wouldn’t solve any big problems.However, Director Jia Mingyi must go to the grass-roots to understand the situation, every Monday to Thursday, he has to assist the group leadership to deal with internal affairs, can not spare time, only Friday to Sunday free.Plus, without his wife and kids, he’s free.The distance of more than 100 kilometers is not too far, it takes more than an hour to drive.Every time I went to the grass-roots level, with prior arrangements, the office director of the subsidiary company was waiting at the door early.The schedule was basically the same. First, we went into the conference room to report and discuss. Naturally, Director Jia Mingyi made the final conclusion: “These questions and requirements you have raised are very important and urgent.It is our duty to lighten the burden on the grassroots. Please rest assured.”After submitting the difficulties and requirements, the subsidiary office felt relieved and arranged lunch. After lunch, we had a rest. In the afternoon, we accompanied Director Jia Mingyi to visit the site and introduce the specific situation.Naturally, director Jia Mingyi should be arranged to stay on Saturday and Sunday, go around the neighborhood or go fishing and skiing and play mahjong.This time, Director Jia Mingyi’s car arrived at the destination, but did not see Director Wu waiting, he was a little unhappy, this is the least etiquette, his surname Wu actually did not come to greet!Then sit in the car did not move, took out a mobile phone, turned out the number of Director Wu, is ready to dial the past to ask, suddenly found that there are many people in the office building to run back and forth, he felt some abnormal, will not be what happened?He sat in the car through the glass observed for a while, want to find something from it, but did not see what clue, think for a moment, or dial director Wu’s phone, the tone is a little stiff: “Director Wu, I arrived, why did not see you, what situation?””Director Jia, something happened, I’m having a meeting.”Director Wu connected the phone, low voice even next to the people can not hear, finish this sentence, directly hung up the phone.Had an accident?Director Jia Mingyi can not help but be a little nervous, many years of experience to develop his abnormal alert nerve.Director Wu has never hung up his phone, this time unexpectedly hung up, it must be inconvenient to say on the phone, or there are other reasons.Regardless of the matter, he got out of the car and entered the office building. While walking, he thought that the group might not know about the accident of the subsidiary company, so he would be the first to know. For himself, it might be an opportunity if…Jia Mingyi director some excitement, he did not have time to think, went straight to the door of the conference room, is ready to push the door into, heard the voice coming from inside.”Was there no warning of this happening?What do you people do, wandering around all day?!Now when something happens, who’s going to take the blame? Me?Of course, I take leadership responsibility.What about you?Who will straighten things out?”This voice is some familiar, should be the subsidiary manager in temper.”We have reported the problem to the group for many times, but it has not been solved. Can you blame us completely?”It was Director Wu’s voice. Director Jia mingyi knew it all too well. He was in a meeting.”Many times?With whom?With which head and which department of the group?To be more specific, I have to talk to the group!”This is the voice of the boss of the subsidiary company, especially loud, should be very angry.”We reported this to the group office. Director Jia often came to investigate, and we reported this to him every time, but nothing came back. There was nothing we could do.”Director Wu carefully hesitant to say, he did not know jia Mingyi director at the door, if you know, will not be killed in front of everyone said this.Outside the conference room, Director Jia Mingyi heard clearly, the in the mind “thrumming”, quickly crept back a few steps, for fear of making a little noise to be heard by the people inside, and then quickly out of the office building, straight to the car, told the driver: “quick, go back.”Along the way, Director Jia Mingyi’s mind was working fast.For so many years, he was just the following grassroots as an excuse to go to the subsidiary on weekends to eat and drink, for the subsidiary reflects the problem, he did not take it seriously, did not implement a thing.Now there is a problem, Director Wu has directly said and he reflected, I believe that the group will soon know, down is inevitable.So he thought of going back as soon as possible, clearing the way ahead of time, putting things right, keeping his position is the most urgent thing.”Quick, faster,” he said to the driver.—— Thanks for your support ——