Parents in the group to send negative news, the teacher to remind, anti parents complain, the teacher is wrong

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■ Before I answer this question, let me give you two examples.Nowadays, “swarm” has become an important part of our life and work.There are work groups in units, owners groups in communities, family groups in a big family, and countless groups in enterprises.The first example: I want to talk about enterprise.More standardized enterprises have uniform corporate clothing, and employees also have standard photos of wearing corporate clothing, especially the management, in suits and ties. After photoshop, the background is exactly the same and the photos are neat and uniform.When building a group, if all the members of the group use this formal standard photo, it is estimated that the group will not be formed.What’s the reason?To build a group, the background big data will review the “group”. When the background review system finds the uniform dress photos of the group members, it will judge them as a collection of some organizations. For the sake of social harmony and stability, such a group is not allowed to appear.What does that mean?What we post in the group, including online, is filtered by big data from the security services.Second example: I want to talk about an experience I had.Due to work needs, I put a certain document to the group, let the group members study.At that time, I saw on my phone that the file had been successfully sent.A few days later, I asked my colleagues how the study of that document was going.After the colleague listened to my question, one face meng, zhang Two monks can not touch the appearance of the head.After hearing my explanation, they said they hadn’t seen the document in the group at all.As soon as I heard it, I felt very strange, so I took out my mobile phone and showed it to my colleagues. It was clear that I had sent the document to the group.My colleagues also took out their mobile phones and let me look in the group. They did not see this document.So I sat down at my computer, opened the document and read it from cover to cover.Suddenly, I found the answer. It must be because of the sensitive words in the document.Sure enough, the names of the leaders appeared in many places in this document.I deleted these sensitive words, and then sent wechat group, success!What are the implications of these two examples?I believe netizens have the answer in their hearts.■ wechat group has become an indispensable way for communication between home and school.As many netizens know, students’ education needs the participation of three aspects: school + society + family, all of which are indispensable.Among them, school + family is the most important education method.Family participation in students’ education must be inseparable from parents.Parents are distributed in all walks of life, work is very busy, the school can not call parents at any time, asking parents to communicate with the school, exchange.With the continuous emergence of social platforms, the establishment of “groups” has become a good way to solve this problem: the head teacher pulls the parents of all the students in his class into a group, or lets the parents scan the two-dimensional code of the group to join the group, so that there is a group of students’ parents, which becomes a bridge and platform for home-school communication.Through the parent group, the head teacher can send some of the school’s notice requirements and public numbers to the group, and also can send some of the children’s learning and life dynamics to the group.Of course, parents can also learn about their children’s situation at school through groups.In addition to the class teacher can set up a group, the class teacher can also set up a group, can send the children’s subject learning situation to parents, can send some homework to the group, so that parents know their children’s learning dynamics.■ wechat group is not a place outside the law, we need to strengthen the management of messages in the group.When I was still working in the school office, I drafted and printed the wechat Group Management System.Of course, the establishment of this system is not my innovation, nor a whim, but the superior departments require all units to strengthen the management of wechat group.I believe that some netizens must know about the public opinion information about the wechat group to stir up trouble, so I will not say more here, nor give examples.Just want to say so few points: 1, who builds a group who is responsible.What does “responsible” mean here?In charge of the group members’ speech must conform to laws and regulations, must conform to social morality and good customs, must be full of positive energy, no negative decadent speech.Therefore, regarding the problem reflected by the subject, my view is very clear, supporting the teacher and opposing the parent.Because the teacher establishes the parent group, the teacher is the group leader, should be responsible for the comments in the group.2, the content should not violate the rules.For example, no matter what kind of parents’ groups, they are not allowed to give out test scores to students, otherwise they will violate school regulations and will be punished by education authorities.In addition, teachers must pay attention to the language standard in the group, otherwise, the information in the group is “black and white”, can be saved by screenshots.Parents who encounter “good things” or “unconvinced” will transfer screenshots to petition departments, education departments and even online.As education is an important field related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, it attracts high attention. If you do not pay attention to it, you can trigger online public opinions and get hot searches.Say, am I right in my analysis?Feel free to leave a comment.