She’s ugly and fat and wears an 80-year-old military wife, but her husband is handsome

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!She is ugly and fat and wears an 80-year-old military wife, but her husband is a handsome man.Lin Qing overworked, wake up unexpectedly time retrogression 40 years.Suddenly I became a little girl who didn’t eat, didn’t drink, didn’t hurt, didn’t love.Fortunately, he brought space to check his background and relatives.Into the pit guide: “I fuck, Lao Tze do what matter want you to manage!Are you a jinx, who let you have no honest water poured!”Lin Dabao heard her words but was stimulated, suddenly stood up, conveniently took the corner of the bamboo broom came over to smoke Lin Qing.”Hit, this unfilial thing should be hit hard!”Sitting granny Lin was clearly pleased with her baby grandson’s gesture.The rest of the room did not seem to see what was happening, and no one intervened.Lin Qing looked at the fat like a ball like Lin Dabao brandishing a broom rushed over to hit her, of course, is the first run not respect, not her blowing this weekdays almost did not do farm work how the little fat man can not catch up with her.She turned and ran to the door, but just want to run out, but was a few steps ran over Lin Dafu to pull.Lin Dafu suddenly toward her knee bend a kick, forced her to kneel on the ground, and then thick voice blunt Lin Dabao roar way: “enough, you also less in the outside day to night to Lao Zi trouble, roll!”Lin Dabao was shouted a shrink, also dare not say what to refute his father, dejected to run to his grandmother there.”Line, again not what big matter, clean up this cheap skin son well, frighten our home big treasure to do what!”Lin, too, apparently did not dare to speak out against her somewhat abusive eldest son, but whispered a few words of nagging.Lin Dafu did not when the matter, concentrate on cleaning up Lin Qing, long such a good look can not be broken, but not to put her up for fear, later want to get benefits from her can be difficult.”You know what you did wrong?”Lin Dafu hand took a thin wicker good-humoured and Lin Qing said.’I don’t know!Lin Qing returned coldly so 1, grow so big she still be forced to kneel on the ground for the first time by the person, this enemy she recorded, one day she will retaliate back.Lin Dafu “shua” a wicker pulled down, Lin Qing could not help but shake, so a back must be red, and to tell the truth this wicker is really hurt, and there will be no sequela.”I tell you where you do wrong, big treasure he but our home’s eldest grandson, you wench film incredibly looked at him by the teacher dozen still don’t know to protect him.”Lin Dafu said while beating Lin Qing with a thin wicker, “Remember everything to me from now on. You live to serve Da Bao as an ox and a horse, do you know that?I’ll beat you until you remember if you can’t.”Lin Qing bowed his head and his voice trembled, as if he were choking with pain. “I remember that I will never see Dabao get beaten again.”However, in her heart, she hated the family to the extreme. She was greedy, vicious and did not know what was right and wrong. Now, she would ask them to return her consultation when she came back!”That’s more like it!Lin Dafu thought Lin Qing had been beaten by him, smugly smiled, “later you obediently obedient, uncle will not mistreat you, back to send you to the town to eat spicy drink!””Well, uncle Xie, I will return you later!”Lin Qing choked up as if she were really grateful.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: The Rebirth of wang Jia Xiaotian Daughter-in-law introduction: Li Xiaoyu reborn back to the difficult 1950s.Vowed to bring back loved ones who starved to death in previous lives.To fill the stomach, do not let the family starve, Li Xiaoyu is taking a space to cultivate pharmaceutical.Space planting grain, four ripe a year, medicine tripod refining medicine, drug efficacy increased ten times.Stockpiling supplies happy like a little hamster.Smooth help relatives, villagers live disaster years.Accidentally save a young, from now on by the big tail Wolf remember……Into the pit guide: brother, so you are such a brother, I finally understand.Li Chengji sidelong glance Li Xiaoyu: “little sister, don’t do this later.You should protect yourself in dangerous places.Don’t let anything happen to you, understand?”Ah!Li Xiaoyu, looking at the elder brother a small adult like, really tired.Li Fu, carrying a basket on his back, came with Li Chengyi and was very happy to see so many fish.”Ha ha, this has to have dozens of catties!So much, just in time to exchange some grain with the villagers.””Old man, can you really change it?””Can ah, now the farm is busy, every family is short of oil and water, fish is also good things, don’t worry, someone changed.”Back home, Li Fu quietly to find a few familiar family, in exchange for 30 jin of rice and 20 jin of gray noodles, and one yuan.There are six big fish at home, Li Fu let the brothers give li da everyone and Li two dad’s house, each send a fish to go, and to Li aunt and Li aunt each left a fish.Li Fu will fish to scale wash, two silver carp butchering blocks, carp whole, put a little grandpa Li’s liquor pickle.Sumpturously put the oil from the bottom of a pan and pour in the bean, garlic and ginger slices.Stir-fry with high fire, add chopped sauerkraut to continue stir-fry, add water to boil, add fish to continue to cook.Fragrance overflowing, really sweet!Fragrant pickles fish pan, a large pot of fish, the family eat the head also do not lift.Finally, even the soup is not left, each belly son slip garden, only a big bowl of red shao porridge on the table.Li Chengyi, with a big belly, strolled around the dam.Li Xiaoyu leaned on Li Fu and quietly asked: “Old man, if there are so many fish every day, can you sell them?””Silly girl ah, how can there be so many fish every day, that can not get rich ah?””If there are so many, will they sell them?””What is my sister saying to dad?””Your little sister ah, ate a fish, in the dream of wealth, a small money fan.””I’m telling the truth, old man. I’ll show you if you don’t believe me.”Li Xiaoyu waved his hand and a fish appeared in his arms.Mouth to mouth, tail flap.Li Fu and Li Chengji shocked to look at Li Xiaoyu.Li Fu looked up at the sky, no, it is the roof, and then look at the fish in Li Xiaoyu’s arms, and then look up at the roof, and then look at Li Xiaoyu…Li Chengji around Li Xiaoyu, turned a circle and a circle.Introduction: In the 1980s, She is ugly and fat and wears an 80-year-old military wife while her husband is a handsome young man.Sue nine bud dozen small by be raised in the city, in addition to grow well can read, what also can’t, later her father died…She had to marry the poorest man in the village.The villagers waited to see Su Jiuya laugh, to see her white and tender face as sallow as theirs, to see her thin and soft hands as rough as theirs…But unexpectedly Su Jiu bud just change a man pet, the book continues to read, the person continues to be beautiful…Fang Zhan, who was married to his daughter-in-law, cut his hair and trimmed his beard. His life became more and more respectable, his purse became more and more bulging, and his car became better and better.Village people all say fang boss what all good, is too listen to daughter-in-law’s words…Fang Zhan: Spoiling the daughter-in-law can make the family prosperous.Into the pit guide: she turned back, Sun Xiufang and called her: “nine buds, you are to marry sanshui bar, open the whole has asked close, his grandmother home next door cousin.”The woman who said this was the same woman who took her hand and smiled and said that my son would be blessed to marry a college student.No wonder Liu kaiquan is avoiding him these days.Su Jiuya’s last retreat was blocked, blocked so tightly that she had no chance.It snowed when we went home. The steps on the flagstone road were as light as the sound of snow falling on the flagstone road. From afar, we heard the man’s laughter from fang Zhan grocery store.She walked past, separated some far, shout 1: “Sanshui uncle, you come over I have words to say with you.”The voices were drowned in the laughter of the men, and no one noticed a little girl standing behind them.Su Jiuya took another calm breath and raised his voice: “Fang Zhan, I have something to say to you.”The man’s laughter stopped abruptly and he looked back at her. There was laughter again, more wild laughter.Fang Zhan opens his mouth to scold: “laugh what, return disrelish oneself of tooth not enough yellow, all roll roll!”He first pushed stone dog, stone dog shoving mountain gun: “dog, your daughter-in-law at home every day not see your shadow, daughter-in-law is not you like a male dog around.”The rude language was offensive to Su, which was another reason she didn’t want to stay in the col.The two men walked off into the village arm in arm, whistling, like rascals.Treats people to go far, Fang Zhan sees her still standing there, the snow keeps falling down, drew a circle at her feet: “Come sit down.”He pointed to the position opposite him.Seeing that it was either a peanut shell or a cigarette butt, Su Jiuya was unwilling to go and still stood there: “I will go as soon as I speak.””Go ahead, then.”He walked into the grocery store, and she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hear and she would have to follow him, and she was not close to the snow on the porch.The grocery store used to be the warehouse of the production team, with a big window in the middle.Su Jiuya watched him pour water in the room. The heat rose quickly and disappeared in an instant: “I don’t drink water.”She is very alert.”Not for you.”He pulled himself up in a high chair with the enamel cup in his hand. Feeling uncomfortable again, he took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it.Scratch a match to listen to Su Jiu bud opening: “600 pieces, I want to return you.”Fang Zhan did not answer the words, mercilessly smoke a cigarette, the brain is thinking liu Kaiquan gave her money?I should be very happy to have the money back, but I feel a little empty. Today, although his father asked him to go to the city to pick up Su Jiuya, if he didn’t want to go, who could have made the move.Pulling urea for the village chief is just a cover.Spit out a cigarette, he moved his body to make himself sit more upright: “that still come, anyway also did not dozen ious.””I’ll pay you back after I graduate and work. I’ll pay you back all my salary.”After that, Fang Zhan smiled and felt happy from the bottom of her heart because Liu Kaiquan did not give her money?I don’t know. I just smiled, dimples in the corners of my mouth hidden in my messy beard.Seeing his smile, Su Jiuya got a little annoyed and stared at him. “If you don’t believe me, I can write a written document for you.”(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!Past wonderful content review: “through the end of the fifty’s female” she was reborn 50, space tons of military supplies, crazy hiked soldier brother “reborn 70 little wife” she was reborn 70 years, was turned by the head to get the certificate of child bride “super space small farmer” she just woke up by the father milk out of the house, into the space to pick ganoderma lucidum for money!”70 small sweet wife” she reborn 70, space food can not finish eating, marry head son when small military sister-in-law Beijing flavor Gao Gan article: “his blind sweet” human little lovely VS disease jiao big guy, sweet and flirty ~