Songyuan city grab grab early preparation of spring farming measures to protect grain security

2022-04-21 0 By

Songyuan vigorously promotes the food production, ready to spring farming preparation, to ensure the safety of food production as the current priority, innovation method widely publicized various favorable policies, vigorously promote agricultural science and technology, agricultural materials market rectification, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses of farmers engaged in agriculture, especially grain production, full spring production were a climax.Pay close attention to the implementation of planting plans.Through policy publicity, order-driven and other measures, we have actively guided farmers to adjust their planting structure and promoted the development of planting industry in the base and scale.Through the survey of planting intention, it is expected that the grain sown area of the whole city can increase by 500,000 mu.Improve the political position, actively implement the expansion of soybean task, closely around the province issued songyuan 690,000 acres of planting task target, the task will be decomposed to each region, each county (city, district) will introduce policies to encourage soybean planting, improve the subsidy standard, improve the enthusiasm of farmers to plant soybeans.Good preparation of materials.For agricultural materials especially fertilizer price gains so far this year, the municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas promptly issued a “about to do a good job of fertilizer firm price confirmed for notice and the songyuan bureau of agriculture and rural areas for spring 2022 guidelines”, to do a good job in agricultural materials stabilizing price confirmed for guiding farmers did as soon as possible at the same time, in raising funds for farming preparation, ensure agricultural materials in a timely manner to the home.We will intensify training and popularization of science and technology.Centering on the construction of high-quality agricultural demonstration city, the city organizes scientific and technological personnel in winter and spring slack seasons to carry out scientific and technological activities in various forms, such as lectures on science and technology and popular science collection, so as to provide trainings on major production increase techniques to households.The city plans to focus on promoting the integration of water and fertilizer, protective tillage, soil testing, formula fertilization, green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests and other technical measures, formulate implementation plans, clear objectives and tasks, implement work responsibilities, to ensure the effectiveness.