Two MEDALS in a row!The United States won gold and silver in single bobsled, and The Chinese team won the 6th and 9th place in their first competition

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The winter Olympic Games women’s single bobsled competition continues, today will be the last two rounds of the competition, Huai Mingming, Ying Qing on behalf of the Chinese team to fight, the first two games finished, the Chinese team’s two players were ranked in the 5th and 8th position, today’s competition two people will try their best to attack the champion.Kelly Humphries of the United States took the lead in the third round with a time of 3:13.97, Christina DeBruine of Canada with a time of 3:15.52, Laura Nault of Germany with a time of 3:16.02, Elana Meyers Taylor of the United States with a time of 3:15.70,Next up were China’s Huai Mingming (3:16.61) and Switzerland’s Melanie Hassler (3:17.25).Brianna Walker of Australia (3:16.25) was followed by Ying Qing of China (3:16.97), Margot Bock of France (3:17.29), Cynthia Appiah of Canada (3:17.06), And Ryu Ran Kim of South Korea (3:20.11).Jamaican Jasmine Finlater-Victorian (3:20.93) and Lydia Hong of Ukraine (3:21.65) finished the third round.In the second round of the competition, Ying Qing’s time was 4:23.41 and Huai Mingming’s total time was 4:22.58, ranking temporarily rose to the first place, there were still 5 players left behind, Australian player Brianna Walker’s total time was 4:21.46, the result was much better than Huai Mingming, German player’s total time was 4:21.33,American player Emmanuel Lana · meyers Taylor 4:20. 81, ranking rose to first, China’s no MEDALS, Canadian contestant Christina debruine eventually took 4:21. 03, kelly humphries eventually took American players now. 27, eventually the United States won the gold and silver, kelly humphries become champion of women’s single snow machines,Elana Meyers Taylor of the United States won silver and Christina Debreu bronze.China’s Huai Mingming ranked sixth, Ying Qing ninth, although did not win a medal, but for the Chinese team, the first time has achieved a breakthrough.