What’s the secret behind “Golden Tiger New Year”?It is not recommended to exchange these four skins

2022-04-21 0 By

As a reserved item for the Chinese New Year, LOL annual skin lottery and exchange activity “Golden Tiger New Year” has once again attracted a large number of players.However, due to the fact that some skins have been on the shelves for so long, and the change of heroes by fists, some of the seemingly rare aged skins are surprisingly poor in actual combat.Today, let’s start from the gold tiger currency can be exchanged for several years of skin, to everyone a row of mines.Kingdom of stressing both the tsing lung: stressing both the tsing lung, levin kingdom is all the negative effects of kind of skin, also don’t know the designer whether brain convulsions, or time inspiration has dried up, even all the sound effects, levin pick axe to add the mecha fighting voice, if you had proficiency is high enough, will receive sound suffering from skin.In addition, it is also because of the reason to go mecha wind, the kingdom machine god Green dragon skin or all De Levin skin, feel the most heavy one, with an indescribable sense of stiffness, it is better not to use the skin.This skin is an older skin, although it performs well at the time, and can also have a unique fire blade effect when using skill attacks.However, whether it is compared with Ruiwen’s most useful skin “Champion blade”, or the dawn blade which can be bought permanently and will be half price from time to time, the feel of this fixed skin is too light and has no good theme effects. It belongs to T4 category and is not recommended to exchange with Gold tiger currency.Tiger Chi’s Fist: As the skin of the theme of The Three Kingdoms, Tiger Chi’s fist is more like the work of the designer. It has almost the same green dragon special effect as Zhang Liao of Galen. However, due to the problem of skill setting of Wei, it is difficult for people to detect the green dragon pattern on The fist.At the same time, the sound effect of this skin is too crisp, and it is often ridiculed as a serious sense of plastic, which is also a kind of negative optimization of the age of the skin, which belongs to the category of who uses who regrets.Jasper Tooth: Cassiopeia jasper Tooth skin is an internal conflict between artists and modelers. The red and green color palette in the original painting is still within the aesthetic scope of normal people, but the modeling in the game has a rustic element, which is not acceptable to ordinary players.In addition, the special effects of the skin is also very not heart, look carefully, there is no difference with the original skin of the snake woman, completely belongs to a class of fixed number of years to spend money to find the pain of the skin, by the soul lotus snake woman crazy hanging.Of course, there are also very colorful skins with poor age, such as The Wings of the Divine Dragon: Cookie, The Fairy of The Han Dynasty: Chang ‘e, and the Monkey King: Sun Wukong, which all belong to a class of skins with good special effects, good modeling and high rarity, and are worthy of exchange in the Spring Festival lottery.Which one are you going to buy?