Why surnames are passed on by Chinese families?These surnames are probably ancestral to high officials

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# Chinese people like to trace their origins to find out what great people have been in their last names.Family name is a unique culture of the Han nationality and a symbol in history.There are 5,730 surnames in a compilation of Chinese Surnames, each with a historical significance.In ancient times, people came out of their caves and abandoned the companionship of animals. Later, they discovered that inbred people also had problems with children, so they invented surnames to prevent promiscuous marriage.Of course, surnames were also a flag, and from the beginning of totem worship, the desire to have more and more offspring was a sign of prosperity.The history of the social structure is the mother to the father, in the process of this transformation left eight ancient family name, respectively is: gu, si, win, GUI, yun, Yao, Ji, jiang.These are the eight oldest surnames.It can be said that the inventor of surname and matriarchal society have an inseparable origin.Some people will question, why in ancient times there is a nest, flint such a name?In fact, matrilineal society does not necessarily represent all social forms at that time, there were also male-dominated tribes.So the only records that have survived are of the clans represented by these adjectives.After entering the patrilineal society, people did not care about their family name very much at the beginning, and only paid attention to clan at first.Aristocrats would identify their clans by fiefdom. In Korea, aristocrats would call themselves Han, and in The State of Zhao, the royal family would call themselves Cho.When a fief changes, it’s like starting a new clan.The ancestors of the state of Qin and the Family of Zhao were brothers. Later, when they had a fief, they changed their clan.During the Qin Dynasty, the authorities promoted surnames for administrative convenience.At this point, the surnames really become one.Surnames also helped develop the hukou system.When a man commits a crime and connects nine families, they have to be dug up, and the last name is the basis.Surnames also provide a lot of convenience to the authorities, one name, generally know who is talking about, if the whole country was called “dog left” it would be a mess, maybe someone will be wronged.Must distinguish li dog leftover, zhang dog leftover bar.After having a surname, those who did not serve in the military began to serve, and those who did not pay taxes began to pay taxes.Surnames began to explode, driven by those in power.In fact, it has nothing to do with the inheritance of blood.However, in traditional ethics, children must inherit the family name of their ancestors.It seems to be a kind of honor, but in fact, it is a shackle set to people under the feudal etiquette.So you don’t just have a name, you have to have a last name.The remaining nobles took their original gens as their surnames, and some took their official positions as their surnames.For example, if the family name is Sima, there must be a general leading an army.This is an ancient official position, in charge of the peace.There are also situ, whose ancestors must have been engaged in economics, responsible for industry and agriculture.As for the other one with the name Scoo, he should check to see if there is a criminal charge in his ancestry.These three surnames, although they all start with the word “si”, have nothing to do with each other at all, but in ancient times they were prominent surnames.Surnames are typical.A person whose surname is Qian must come from a rich family.Their ancestors must have been in charge of state property.According to statistics, most qian people live in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, which have been rich since ancient times.People named Li originated in the late Shang Dynasty.In order to escape the zhou regime’s pursuit, they fled into the mountains, perennial and wood neighbors, if there is no wild fruit these food to satisfy their hunger, it is possible to die in that era.Later anonymity, in order to commemorate those years of hardship, take Li as the surname, reproduction.The Tang Dynasty was the most glorious time for the clan, when they conquered the country and became emperors.Surnames are now imprinted to prove kinship.It is also the embodiment of Chinese civilization and an important symbol today.It’s really about the history of the family, and it’s fun to find out where your family name came from.