Ziyang: The winter vacation is coming to an end. How to reduce the burden and improve the quality of the new semester?

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“We should not lower the quality of our learning just because we reduce the time we spend studying, but we should improve it.””The growth of students should learn to wait, in this process to do hard, insist on, will see results.””In the process of implementing the ‘double reduction’, the biggest resistance we have encountered is actually parents.””Teachers who only look at rankings and scores are objectively not good teachers, at least not well-rounded teachers.”The winter holiday is coming to an end, and the teaching arrangement of the new semester is about to begin.Recently, ziyang Education and Sports Bureau’s official website published a number of excellent after-school service implementation plans and typical cases of homework design and use in compulsory education schools under the background of “double reduction”, and made a systematic summary of previous exploration experience.How to improve the teaching quality while reducing the burden?How to overcome the resistance of “double minus” landing?In an interview with chuan Guan reporters, Liao Shanping, director of Ziyang Education and Science Institute, answered a series of questions about netizens’ concerns.Q: In your opinion, what is the core concept of “double minus”?Answer: What we think of as “double reduction” is to reduce the burden of things, minus the repetitive mechanical training within the discipline, which takes up students’ time but is not ideal.However, we should not reduce the quality of learning because of the reduction of learning time, but we also need to improve the quality, where to mention?The classroom is to reduce the burden and improve the quality of the “main front”, improve the quality of classroom teaching, the classroom to solve the problems, the knowledge to master to teach well, then after class is the reduction.Q: How does Ziyang implement the “double reduction” to reduce the burden and improve the quality?A: How to improve quality?Ziyang made a “combination of blows”.After a semester’s work, the teachers submitted 109 after-school service plans and homework designs, among which 16 will participate in the provincial evaluation, and 81 excellent works have been evaluated in the whole city.We also carried out a citywide selection of excellent classroom teaching examples, encouraging teachers to record excellent courseware independently, and then display them in a unified manner. Through the conversion of these excellent research results, we improved the quality of classroom teaching.Our project was carried out by the municipal micro subject activity, received the notification from more than 600 teachers, about micro subject research also involves the primary school more than 10 subjects such as Chinese, maths, final project more than 160 items, through in-depth study of small subject, small point of tangency, enhance teachers’ understanding of the work, find a more effective operating methods.In fact, in 2015, ziyang independently researched “Three rings and five Studies” won the first prize of Sichuan Province’s classroom teaching reform. In the early stage, it was promoted in senior high schools and began to explore in schools of compulsory education in the last two years.How to grasp the quality of classroom teaching?To promote excellent results as the starting point.We issued implementation guidelines for the whole city, teaching teachers how to do, how to do group construction, how to cultivate students’ learning methods and a series of guidance to guide teachers how to reform classroom education.In addition, we also sent training to districts, counties and towns, and conducted teaching and research guidance for more than 2,600 discipline teaching and research leaders through 25 training sessions.We run more, make a training into three, shorten the county teachers in the road time, save the school travel expenses.On education, there is no greater than “ShuangJian” in 2021, last year we did a lot of work, also carried forward in 2022, we have been in the deployment of the next semester’s class changes the work ahead of time, extensive collection of disciplinary teacher for last semester curriculum reform work experience, explore how to make better “ShuangJian fall to the ground,” after all “ShuangJian” issued only one semester,Education has its rules, the process is slow, the growth of students should learn to wait, but not play around with waiting, but in this process to do, insist on, will see results.Q: Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, what is the biggest difficulty?A: In the process of implementing the “double reduction”, the biggest resistance we have encountered is actually the parents of students.In August this year, Ziyang Education and Science institute independent research and development of the questionnaire, released through the network in September, combined with the development of on-site access to information and interviews, the city’s compulsory education stage school managers, teachers, students and parents carried out a “double reduction” and six management research.Through 37,228 questionnaires and visits to more than 300 people in 15 schools, the implementation of these two tasks was basically understood and a report of more than 20,000 words was finally formed.Parents’ anxiety was palpable in the report.Students go home without written homework, but parents buy a lot of materials, in the final analysis, the parents of talent.In accordance with the previous way of education, the examination results, similar score, ranking doesn’t far away, but the students into several important long-term score, the education to give priority to in order to encourage children, children as young, need to keep a good mental and physical health and have a sunny mind, healthy body, after what is missing?However, this issue needs to be looked at in two ways. The way of ranking is not advocated in the compulsory education stage, but the college entrance examination is different, and the body and mind should bear some pressure.College entrance examination is one of the important indicators of basic education.In January this year, our city and the other five cities in the province held a senior three joint diagnostic examination, the undergraduate on-line rate and on-line rate of our city are the first, especially the undergraduate on-line rate advantage is obvious, compared with the same period in the past similar examination advantage further expanded.The city also attaches great importance to the promotion of academic level, and has explored a set of forming work methods.Q: “Double reduction” has put forward new requirements on the quality of teaching. Does “good teacher” need to be redefined?A: What makes a good teacher?Reducing the burden is the means, not the goal, how the baton of the college entrance examination changes, the teacher will naturally follow the change, looking at the examination questions in recent years, the rote memorization of things has been very little, the examination is more subject quality, subject transfer ability and the ability to solve problems.However, necessary or to retain, such as Chinese, if you do not learn the words, words, sentences, how to move?How to cultivate the core literacy of the subject?However, knowledge is never finished, what we need to learn is the ability to acquire knowledge. Students should master the ways and methods of the subject through the study of the subject, cultivate the way of thinking, improve the ability to use the knowledge in their mind, and then they can quickly master it again when they need it.We also need to clearly recognize that the traditional concept of teachers who only look at rankings and scores is objectively not a good teacher, at least not a well-rounded teacher.Since the implementation of “double reduction”, we pay more attention to situational education, integrating knowledge into life situations and applying it to life.For example, anyue Xinglong Primary School and other three schools conducted comprehensive tests on each subject in the last semester in the way of carnival and entry games. Games and activities were used as the carrier to design a project integrating Chinese, mathematics, biology and other subjects.(Reporter Wu Sorrow Ziyang observation Yang Shudan) Editor in charge: Huang Rui audit: Yi Xiaotao