3 news in one night!Liao Basket officially opened training, Zhu Fangyu signed a new replacement for Ma Shang, Zhou Qi was reversed

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On February 5th, Beijing time, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, the CBA teams have also started their off-season training, liaoning men’s basketball team also officially started training on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.According to domestic media reports, the local players of the Liao Basket are basically in the local Spring Festival, the two foreign aid is the choice of leave to travel with, so temporarily unable to return.In the first training session, we saw zhang Zhenlin returning from injury, while Han Dejun, who suffered a fracture after being elbowed by Weems, was still recovering from injury and could not return to the team.In guangdong, zhu fangyu started plan B. After signing Lidle, zhu fangyu also signed tang Jie, a free agent.It is understood that tang jie will be a replacement in the rotation of the team’s defensive line until marchamps or new foreign aid returns.Zhou qi had four points, four rebounds and one block in his return, but his team lost its winning streak.In liaoning men’s basketball off the first training session of the season, suffered a fracture injury before Han Dejun is still absent, and zhang Zhenlin injury comeback to participate in this training.It is understood that Han Dejun’s injury has been basically cured, but liao Basketball coach Yang Ming hopes that the team can get more rest time, so did not let him participate in this training, hope he completely recovered before returning to the training court.Zhang Zhenlin, who was injured in the second stage, has officially returned to the team and participated in the training session. He is in good condition and is in good spirits. He is obviously fully recovered.Of course, it is a pity that the two foreign aid liao Basket due to leave travel together, so did not return to the team to participate in the training, but they are expected to return to Shenyang in two days, formally return to the team.Yang Ming has previously said that the third stage is still hoping to continue to fit in the squad, especially the big foreign aid Morland, Yang Ming will activate him as soon as possible, in the team’s quest for the title to play a more important role.After determining that Ma would not be back in January and would be back in mid-February, Zhu began to change her plans.According to his current schedule, it is difficult for him to represent Hongyuan this season, which means that Hongyuan will need to find a replacement for Marshang.As of now, Lidle is not a super foreign aid to lead hongyuan to a title, so hongyuan will have to find a foreign aid with Marshang-level strength to help Yi jianlian and Weems make another run at the CBA championship.Of course, to find such a candidate is not easy, before the new aid in place, Zhu Fangyu decided to reuse the off-season officially signed new aid Tang Jie, Tang Jie will officially enter the hongyuan rotation lineup, as an important helper of the black and white short to participate in the third stage of the game.Zhou qi, who has played some of his best games for the Melbourne Phoenix since joining the NBL, was upset when the Phoenix were beaten by the Wildcats in a showdown.He was fouled in 12 minutes, finishing with just four points, four rebounds and one block. The Phoenix, who played most of the game without zhou Qi as a defensive force, was outscored 22-33 in the second quarter and suffered its first loss of the season, 79-101.