3.17 Big event in VR industry: Google acquired AR/VR micro-LED display startup Raxium

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Google acquires Raxium, an AR/VR micro-LED display developer, for $1 billion.Microsoft will test military HoloLens negatively;VR education app Futuclass has landed on Pico Neo 3, offering immersive chemistry and physics lessons.Google has acquired Raxium, a startup focused on uLED displays for AR/VR, according to The Information.The acquisition signals Google’s desire to further lay out the components needed for AR devices.The deal is still in progress, terms are not yet known, and neither company has commented.According to its website, Raxium has been developing “the world’s highest performance ultra-high density single-chip RGB µLED displays”.In other words, the team worked on single-chip integration of micro-leds while reducing their manufacturing costs.Micro-leds are brighter, smaller, lighter and use more power than other display technologies.They are expected to replace OLeds in AR/VR devices.Microsoft is preparing to conduct field tests of military AR devices based on HoloLens and gather negative feedback from soldiers, according to reports.Last year, Microsoft won a $22 billion U.S. Army defense contract to develop the Integrated Visual Enhancement System (IVAS), a military AR headset based on HoloLens 2.Sources say soldiers are unhappy with IVAS ‘low light and thermal imaging performance and still have a negative impression of the device, while Microsoft has done little to improve on past issues.And that $22 billion was the contract limit, not the total amount Microsoft has already received.Confidence in the project appears to be low.VRPinea exclusive comment: Take money and don’t work, this is trying to steal the wool of the military?VR education platform Futuclass is offering free access to Pico Neo 3 and VR immersive chemistry and physics courses for grades 7 through 9.Futuclass currently offers a total of eight chemistry courses and five physics courses, covering grades 7 to 9.Each lesson plan is developed by professional teachers and the school, and has been extensively tested.This tool allows students to immerse themselves in realistic, scenario-oriented teaching, which can significantly increase their interest in learning while ensuring the quality of teaching.VRPinea exclusive review: After class secretly open a “dragon boxing” as a physical exercise is not too much?Taiwan’s XR manufacturer SPACE has launched KTV PartyOn, a music game designed to make it easy for players to play karaoke in various modes in the PartyOn built meta-universe.Players can not only have private karaoke for two people, but also join the 100 people box and players around the world in real time karaoke.When KTV Box PartyOn goes live, players can register with their mobile phone number.After entering the game, players can freely choose virtual avatars according to their preferences, so as to carry out social activities in the music space with realistic virtual images.Songs, the game built hundreds of Chinese, multi-language licensed songs.VRPinea exclusive: The next door neighbor heard the beautiful song and moved out overnight.On March 16, The prospectus of Lehua Entertainment Group (hereafter referred to as “Lehua”) showed that, with the help of its virtual girl group A-Soul, the entertainment revenue related to virtual artists increased from 21.08 million yuan in 2020 to 37.87 million yuan in 2021.Year-on-year growth of 79.6%, the gross margin increased from 56.5% to 77.7%.Launched in November 2020, A-Soul consists of five virtual artists created by different people, including Bella, A team leader and choreographer; Jiaran, A foodie; Nailin, an excellent student; Xiang Wan, A game player; and Jia Le, the lead singer.A-soul has 390,000 fans on its official website B, and the five virtual artists’ personal accounts have been played more than 200 million times. The total number of fans is 4.12 million. Douyin has more than 6 million fans.VRPinea exclusive comment: Many of lehua’s ace artists will expire this year, and the reality idol show will not be held. How long can virtual artists last?