6-3!The world snooker champion will knock out O ‘Sullivan and advance to the last four or a rematch against Higgins

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World champion Neil Robertson beat O ‘Sullivan 6-3 to advance to the semi-finals against the winner of the Players’ Championship between Higgins and Jimmy Robertson.O ‘Sullivan’s absence from the last four means he will not be able to return to world Number one after this tournament.The Players Championship is contested by the top 16 players in a single season, leading to multiple rounds of tough talk in the bottom half.Neil Robertson eliminated Karen Wilson 6-4 and O ‘Sullivan 6-3 in the first round, bringing the two world champions to a head-to-head meeting in the quarter-finals.This season, O ‘Sullivan beat Neil Robertson in the World Grand Prix final, who avenged his defeat in the Masters quarter-finals.In their third meeting, the two men were still battling it out, with Neil Robertson getting hot from the start with consecutive singles of 79, 52, 82, 80, and O ‘Sullivan scoring 98 in the second frame to go 4-1 down.Later, his hit 90 and 50 points in a row, after the end of the seventh inning after into 3 to 4, however, his long success rate is much less than the Neil Robertson, a crucial moment, there is a fatal mistake, a stalemate, Neil Robertson seize the opportunity, in a 66-25, 65-38 win 2 bureau, eliminate his total score 6-3.Neil Robertson made it through to the last four, where he will face the winner of the semi-final between Higgins and Jimmy Robertson, with Higgins clearly the favourite to win.O ‘Sullivan missed out on the semi-finals, but if he wins this tournament he will return to world Number one, and now he has to think long term.In fact, despite the wide margin of victory, both played well, WITH O ‘Sullivan shooting three 50s and a top score of 98 and Neil Robertson shooting four 50s and a top score of 82.However, O ‘Sullivan, who lost three games in a row after the opening set, was demoralised as he struggled to catch up, but his success rate was not as good as Neil Robertson’s and he made more mistakes at crucial moments.There is only one place left in the final four, between Higgins and Jimmy Robertson, which will be played at 21pm on February 11.Then on match day five there will be a semi-final between Barry Hawkins and Ricky Walton, which will take place on February 12th at 3am!