8-9 our province between jianghuai part of the region and jiangnan rain and snow weather continued

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Zhongan online, zhongan news client 6 14 o ‘clock -7 14 o ‘clock, most parts of Anhui province snow.Between the Jianghuai river and the middle and north of the Yangtze River have snowstorm to big snowstorm, accumulated snowfall 10 ~ 26 mm, the largest tianzhu Mountain 25.9 mm.7 14 o ‘clock snow situation: 64 cities and counties in the province have snow, the southern huaibei region, the north between the Jianghuai River and the southeast of the South of the Snow depth of 2 ~ 10 cm;The snow depth between the central and southern parts of the Yangtze River and the northern part of the Yangtze River is 10-25cm, and the snow depth over 15cm is as follows:Huangshan scenic spot 27 cm, Jiuhua Mountain 25 cm, buried hill, Tianzhu Mountain 24 cm, Dangtu 23 cm, Ma On Mountain 21 cm, Wuwei 19 cm, Anqing, Huaining, Zhongyang 18 cm, Jinzhai, Nanling, Hesian 17 cm, Taihu lake, Lujiang 16 cm, Yuexi 15 cm.The lowest temperature from 0 to 16 on the 7th: -5 ~ -2℃ in Dabie Mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area, -1 ~ 1℃ in other areas, -5℃ in Tianzhu Mountain, -0.5℃ in Hefei, the provincial capital.The meteorological department is expected to continue the rain and snow in some areas between jianghuai and Jiangnan in our province from 8 to 9.There was another precipitation process from the night of October 10 to the 13th in our province, which was mainly rain in most areas, including some areas in Huaibei area and Dabie Mountain area with sleet.Specific forecast: 8th, huaibei area cloudy to cloudy, south huaihe cloudy.Some areas between jianghuai and jiangnan have light snow or sleet.9, huaibei area cloudy to overcast;It will be cloudy south of the Huaihe River, with light rain or sleet in some areas between the Jianghuai river and the South of the Yangtze River, and sleet or snow in the Dabie mountains and the southern Anhui mountains.The 10th, the province cloudy day, including dabie mountain area and jiangnan along the river with light rain.(Luo Yan reporter Su Yi)