After witnessing the conversation between my lover and her husband, I silently withdrew from the relationship

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Netizen letter said:I like many married men, after get married to live a henpecked, in addition to desperately to make money every day, back home will be the wife all kinds of work, the key is if I want to slack off in front of his wife, the wife will all scold to me, to avoid too many quarrels between wife and, more often I will present a bidding in front of his wife.To put it bluntly, the wife is a tigress at home.Fortunately, my wife will never show her strength in front of me, because she will give me enough face in front of relatives and friends.I’m glad for that.Had said to the wife when communicating with the wife, can you also be gentle to me at home, the wife’s original words, I so, can not change, if you feel wronged with me together, you can divorce with me, find a gentle woman to recombine marriage.In the sixth year of my marriage with my wife, I met a soft-spoken woman through work, and her tenderness in front of me impressed me so much that I had the idea of developing a lover with her.Because the other party also belongs to the family person, so, in the affair on this matter I have some doubts.One thing that finally stopped me from becoming a lover was her husband calling her while we were having dinner.During that time, she and her husband spoke in a particularly forceful tone.Let me suddenly understand a point: originally, she is not a real sense of the gentle woman, maybe I for her, just can fulfill her certain needs, so she will be gentle to me.After that, I gradually distanced myself from her, thinking that maybe all women have a strong side.The relationship that ended before it even started outside my marriage affected me so much that I re-examined my wife and found that she was not evil. After all, my wife did care for our family: 1) she treated my parents well;2) Be responsible to me and my children.Suddenly I feel pretty happy, too.Many people miss the time when they were in a relationship with their partner, when both parties tried to show their best qualities and were able to give and take to each other.After marriage, however, “the tail of the fox comes out very quickly,” and there is much less politeness and more directness.So that sometimes I can feel the power of the lover or not polite to myself.At this time, my heart will wonder why my lover is not gentle to me, and sometimes even show patience.In fact, life should be grounded to present, if both sides of the husband and wife always present a polite, will appear some unfamiliar, see outside.A woman, in the marriage life hope to be able to form her husband is afraid of three points, respect seven points of the state.Therefore, women want to set rules in front of men, so that a lot of times, women want men to participate in the housework, so that women will feel psychologically balanced.In fact, when women give orders to men at the level of housework, they do not require men to do all the housework, but just hope that men do not become hands-off masters at the level of housework.However, more than 50% of men always have such a mentality: it is ok to be responsible for their own money, as for housework such things are small, women can deal with it.In fact, in this era, women are not willing to be stay-at-home wives, and when women are involved in the workplace, they are not willing to do all the housework.So, when a man shows the male chauvinism in the home, the woman will become angry and form a state of reprimand to the man.At this time, men will think that women are not gentle enough.There is a saying “one’s own child, another’s wife”, which means that many men have the illusion that their wife has all kinds of faults and the woman outside the marriage has all kinds of virtues.As a result, men begin to appreciate and like women outside of marriage, and even develop into lovers, in order to get the treatment they want.In fact, you are discontent with his wife for you, for a woman who have a favorable to you produced a declaration of love, just you’re not concern developed into a lover relationship with each other that when you see each other in front of her husband’s tough, so, you give up, and the other developed into the lover’s idea, and think, if because lover and your wife divorced,After reorganizing your marriage, your partner may be stronger than your wife, and you have no desire to divorce, and you are mindful of your wife’s contribution to the marriage, so you begin to examine your wife’s various aspects of the marriage, and at the same time, keep the marriage intact.Of course, at this time you will also have such a recognition: the lover in front of you show the tenderness is not the truth of her character, and even a woman who cheated in marriage is a little unreliable, so you rationally let yourself from this part of the relationship with a little ambiguous elements to do timely pull away.In fact, it is not the worst thing for a woman to be strong in a two-person world. The worst thing for a woman is to be strong in a two-person world while not saving face for a man in front of relatives and friends. At this time, the man is really suffering.In fact, there is no such awkwardness in your marriage system, because your wife will give you enough face in front of friends and family. To be clear, your wife is not stingy. She is strong with you in the world of two because: 1) she needs to make a sense of herself;2) There is room for improvement in your daily performance.A woman, only in love with the man when will show broken thoughts, even will have certain requirements for the man;Once the woman does not love a man, but because many stumbles not divorce, a woman about the private lives of men will present a indifferent attitude, at that time, men don’t naively think is become sensible woman, just because a woman already did not love you, or because of money, or because the child, give the marriage attitude to gather together.Afterword: sometimes, we will hear such exclamation, in fact, and who are married.Please believe that people who have such a sigh must have divorced and remarried.In this case, in the case that the lover is not so bad and did not make mistakes in principle, we need to make ourselves more generous in the marriage life, after all, the result of divorce, the child is the most hurt one, the key is that halfway couples are more likely to be difficult to communicate with their children.It’s hard for everyone to be perfect in their marriage, so when something they say or do gets in the way of their partner, he or she tends to be critical or gossiping.At this time, do not want to win in the quarrel to say some tough words, but to the point of love to you in mind, and in the future life for love to give some of your behavior to avoid and amend, only in this way marriage life is easy to develop in the direction of happiness.(Picture from network, text and text irrelevant)