Chinese New Year “blessings” reveal your emotional intelligence: mature people never send wechat messages like this

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At this time of year, mobile phones are flooded with New Year’s greetings.On top of that, he even received several identical messages a day.These messages are well illustrated, creative, well written and flowery.But there is no soul.Mechanical group hair, so that the original blessing, into a numb task, no mind at all.Sanmao once said: “If you give others, and you give me is the same, then I don’t.”Mature you, must not send wechat like this.A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend, and accidentally mentioned the mass messaging of New Year’s Greetings. After listening to this, he told me about his first experience in the workplace.At that time, he just entered a large enterprise engaged in sales work, in order to build a good relationship with customers, greetings, social intercourse, holidays, is busy.The improvement of his performance and the accumulation of contacts soon made him stand out among many new people.It was just before the Spring Festival when he heard of the personnel change, and he was trying to win a big deal.Looking at the address book of thousands of people in wechat, there are too many people to take care of, and his energy is limited, he will consider the blessing message sent out.Seems to feel the effect is good, since then, in order to save time, all the festival blessing message, he almost sent in a group way, and did not feel wrong.When it became official that the company was promoting a director he had just lost the deal to, he was even more surprised that it wasn’t him.I was very feeling, asked him: “because of the group message?”He said, “I was too impatient.Anxious to think that a group of wechat can be exchanged for a relationship, measurement of a friendship.”In fact, whether in life or career, all relationships need your energy, careful maintenance, and careful management.In the age of text, it is a person’s attitude.Batch sent blessings, no matter how gorgeous copy, always appear empty and perfunctory.Because between the lines, there is no real temperature.What are the biggest differences between people?The answer is in two words: details.As the old saying goes, “Emotional intelligence is in the details.”Contact with people, must be different, far and near, a perfunctory group text messages, on behalf of not blessing, but information bombing.In fact, such a group of messages, as not to send.Have seen such a sentence, deeply touched: “the same mass SMS blessing, not send.For people with good relationships, you send this kind of text message in the past is simply naked slap in the face, for the relationship of ordinary or not how to contact people, you send this can only make people feel boring, usually how do not see you contact?”A sincere blessing, even a few words, is better than the same.And mass blessing, we have lost the original meaning of it.Even if you receive a lot of mass messages, please stop mass sending them.You know, this is not a blessing, but a disturbance.As the saying goes, “Whether a person’s image is good or bad is hidden in wechat.”During the Spring Festival, giving red envelopes has become a necessary item, but a small red envelope can clearly see a person’s emotional intelligence.Mr. Cheng, a netizen, talked about such a thing on the forum.His own business struggle for many years, several ups and downs, now also made some money, so every time large and small wechat group red envelopes, he is the main force.When he was chatting with his classmates, someone shouted out: “Big boss, send a red envelope to liven up the atmosphere.”Many people agree with him, he made two hundred red envelopes, was robbed in a second.I wanted to talk for a while, but I couldn’t seem to get around the topic of giving red envelopes.A classmate, who had not been in contact for many years, said in a strange way in the group: “Mister, how about playing?Just 200!”Then immediately someone agreed: “yes, your level at least say also get 3000 ah, this big New Year’s day.”Slightly complain of a lot of heckle, there are sarcastic remarks, it seems that he does not send red envelopes, is stingy, is sorry that the friendship of the classmate.During this period also some people send red envelopes, only sent a red envelope, point to open only to find 50 yuan package 30.In a post later, Mr. Cheng lamented: “It’s not much money, but it’s chilling.”Chatting and handing out red envelopes between friends is fun to liven up the atmosphere, not a tool to cheat.After all, we all work hard to make money, and no one’s money comes from the wind.But there are always some people, every time heckling and Shouting, seems to express a message: why do you have a better life than me?Between the words, full of sour unwillingly and unconvinced.In recent years, netizens have come up with a new term, “Internet begging”.These people only seem to exist for one thing, and that is to keep taking advantage of you.”It’s really ugly when they keep asking for red envelopes,” said one commenter who had a similar experience.For a small red envelope, he betrayed his character.”Zeng Guofan once said: “Do nothing to take advantage of others, do not take money lightly.”Although the red envelope is small, it contains the meaning of life.A person to treat the attitude of red envelopes, not only reflects the character, more highlights your pattern and mind.There is no denying that this is an information age.The role wechat plays in our life is not just a common social software, but also represents a person’s social card.The content in the circle of friends and chat boxes needs to be carefully considered.A small wechat, every word and deed, all show your taste and accomplishment;Between the lines, are testing your character and emotional intelligence.People’s Daily Online once reported that a netizen was criticized by her boss for replying “HMM”.Unexpectedly, the report went viral.The netizen in the news, an ordinary employee, was reprimanded by her boss who asked her about her schedule for the next day when she replied “um” : “Do not reply ‘um’ to your boss or customers. This is basic wechat etiquette.”She felt wronged and even decided to quit her job.But those who watched the news generally agreed that the boss was right.”Um” and “um”, although there is only one more word, but there is a lot of difference in attitude, a cold restraint, a modest acceptance.Emotional intelligence often plays an important role in interpersonal communication.And a person’s emotional intelligence level, wechat dialog box can be fully revealed.Visual writer Shan Cha once told an experience that struck a chord with many people.One night, a classmate who had not contacted her for a long time asked her for a video chat, which lasted for more than two hours.As the next day to go to work, has been very tired of her interrupted the other side of the talk, but did not think, was the other side a complain.The classmate heart have not Gandhi said: “how so hate ah, this just chat for a while you will sleep, really boring.”Shan Cha was very surprised and angry.After listening to more than two hours of gossip, I finally got a “really boring” reply from the other side.Since then, she decisively ended her friendship with the classmate.Tsai Kang-yung said in His novel “I Can Say Something” : “There should be proper interpersonal relationship between people. Luo Zhenyu may not dare to ask me to do what Gao Xiaosong dared to ask me to do, because we are not so familiar with each other. Therefore, I should be more careful when making jokes on him than gao Xiaosong.”Because we have different levels of relationship, if people get along with each other beyond that threshold, they are causing trouble for others.”What is the highest level of emotional intelligence?Not pandering and flattering, but being respectful and prudent.Luo Zhenyu once said, “There is no road to sincerity. Sincerity is the road itself.”Sincerity is the best way to socialize.In this day and age, we spend almost more time together on wechat than we do face to face.Therefore, that small dialog box on wechat delivers a power that cannot be ignored.A mature person, in writing communication, know sincerity and respect, can also master the scale and propriety.Every time we communicate, we can be considerate and make each other comfortable.In fact, the world’s most beautiful blessing, is your sincerity.Mo Yan once wrote in an article, “Leave time to the important people and things, and the flavor of the New Year will come naturally.”Instead of sending wishes and asking for red envelopes, we should carefully select our most important friends and relatives to send our best wishes at the special moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the New Year.Remember, your emotional intelligence is hidden in wechat.Your heart is the highest form of emotional intelligence.Author: Linlang, duty editor: Liu Yan.