Chinese women’s soccer team gets more than 30 million yuan in prize money!Each player can get 1 million yuan, and The Shui Qingxia team gets 3 million yuan

2022-04-22 0 By

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is likely to receive more than 10 million yuan in bonuses from two major sponsors following China’s 3-2 win over South Korea at the Women’s Asian Cup.The dairy giant announced a reward of 10 million yuan for the Chinese women’s soccer team, while the mobile payment giant offered 10 million yuan to the players and 3 million yuan to the Shui Qingxia team.The prize money from the two sponsors has reached $23 million.For the first time, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has set up a bonus for winning the Asian Women’s Cup, offering 6.4 million yuan to the Chinese women’s team.However, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the women’s soccer team received not only 6.4 million yuan in prize money from the Chinese Football Association, but probably more than 10 million yuan.Add in the money from two sponsors, and the Chinese women’s soccer team has received at least 33 million yuan in prize money.The Shui Qingxia team has received 3 million yuan from the sponsor and will receive their share later, while each of the 23 players should receive 1 million yuan.Women’s soccer salaries have doubled in recent years, but a $1 million bonus is probably years’ pay for most players.Especially for zhang Linyan, a 21-year-old newcomer who is still playing in women’s League A, she has no idea how many years it will take to earn the 1 million yuan.Some fans joked that the Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal in three consecutive knockout matches, which not only hit Coach Jia in the face, but also made the Chinese men’s football team lose face.After winning the last four rounds of the Round of 40 and collecting 12 million yuan in prize money, The Chinese men’s national team also won only one match in the round of 12, buoyed by the 6 million yuan in prize money for winning a single match.This group of annual salary 5 million starting national football team, did not give Chinese fans see some hope, even Vietnam can bully us.The Chinese girls are really good.While The Chinese men’s football team lost to Japan and Vietnam in succession, the Chinese women’s football team reversed Vietnam and Japan in succession to reach the Asian Cup final for the first time in 14 years.And in just one year, they reversed the situation of 2-0 down twice, the first time was to eliminate the Korean women’s football team to advance to the Olympic Games, this time is to beat the Korean women’s football team to reach the top of Asia.According to statistics, The Chinese women’s football team has never lost to the South Korean women’s football team in all competitions in the past six years, and has never lost to the South Korean women’s football team in the History of Asian Cup.Both as a player and a coach, Su has won six Asian Cups without losing.