Erdogan visits Ukraine, German Chancellor asks for talks with Putin, 3rd phone call between France and Russia

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On February 4th, as Britain and America pressed ahead over the situation in Ukraine, Germany, France and Turkey made new moves.Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, went to Ukraine himself, after again talking of a summit between Ukraine and Russia.Erdogan’s visit to Ukraine is intended to play Turkey’s role as a mediator in Eastern Europe.He wanted to invite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Turkey with Putin for a sit-down.But Zelensky was willing, and Putin didn’t respond, seeming cool.Now that Putin is ready to visit China, he has little time to talk to Erdogan and Zelensky.So Mr Erdogan might as well go to Ukraine himself and try to look like an Ottoman leader.Before departure, Erdogan appeared at the airport and held a grand press conference. He publicly said that as a country located in the Black Sea region, Turkey will pay close attention to the regional situation in order to ensure peace and called on all parties to maintain dialogue and restraint.Erdogan’s spokesman, Ebrahim Kalin, said Turkey had been preparing to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine, and that Erdogan would hold talks with Zelensky and would also be in touch with Russia.A week ago, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said putin might set a time for a visit to Turkey after finishing his agenda in China.Mr Erdogan is so involved in peacemaking with Russia because, more than anyone, he does not want the two sides to fight.Because the HEGEMonic power of the United States is now targeting Russia, and Turkey may be the next, Erdogan is eager for stability, by mediating between Russia and the United States, so that he can borrow regional resources and develop Turkey.Turkey is located in the black Sea, a Black Sea strait, let the history of the Ottoman Empire and Russia, 300 years of “fighting”.Mr Erdogan, who has led Turkey’s push to defuse its animosity with Russia, gets along well with Mr Putin.However, Turkey’s development is still mainly dependent on the European and American markets, so erdogan’s efforts to stabilize the situation between Ukraine and Russia are also for the benefit of Turkey.We all know that it has been the United States that has been agitating the situation in Ukraine.Russia has been actively promoting dialogue with the United States since the russia-U.S. negotiations reached an impasse, but the United States has stayed far away, sending arms and troops at the same time, and is secretly planning large-scale new sanctions.On the surface, if the United States keeps moving and Russia and the United States do not talk properly, there is no way to solve the situation in Ukraine.Mr Erdogan may not be able to do much, so it is no wonder that Mr Putin has been slow to speak to him.The other key force is the European Union. Although NATO is dominated by the United States, smaller Countries in Europe under the influence of pro-American forces are also playing along, adding fuel to the fire.But Germany and France, as the main members of the EU, are more concerned with European stability.Germany immediately refused to send arms to Ukraine, and French President Emmanuel Macron first brokered a “Normand-style meeting” with Germany, Ukraine and Russia.After confirming the unconditional ceasefire, he made a phone call to Putin on behalf of the European Union.Recently, the German chancellor also requested a meeting with Putin.If former German Chancellor Angela Merkel had not already left office, she would have been the first person to intervene, and putin would have welcomed her as an old friend.Chancellor Scholz, who has been cautious about the Ukraine situation, said publicly that he had been planning to talk to Mr. Putin for a long time and wanted to get it up to speed.Macron, by contrast, has been more positive about the situation in Ukraine and Russia. The new French presidential election is underway, and he has not announced that he will run for a second term, saying that he wants to put the stability of Europe first.As a result, Macron was able to maintain a dialogue with Putin, and the two had a third phone call on The night of Wednesday and exchanged views again.Putin made Clear Russia’s position to Macron, as if everything was left to Macron, and he would come to China to share the joy of the Winter Olympics with the Chinese people.As France holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, Macron appears to be taking responsibility as he prepares to visit Germany.If this is the trend driving the Franco-German alliance to stabilise the EU, then the US plot will be undone.