He was a famous CCTV host who cared for his disabled brother all his life and later married a woman 12 years younger than him

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In the 1990s, CCTV had such a reporter and host. He actively participated in many international events at that time and was one of the top war reporters in China.In ’91, he went to the front to cover the Gulf War, just to bring the latest news to the nation.Then he hosted CCTV’s Oriental Time and Space, Focus Interview and other well-known programs.He is also on the front lines of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and in Iraq.He is SHUI Junyi, CCTV’s famous mouth, who has won CCTV’s best host for many times and even interviewed President Putin five times.Is such a fearless war reporter, he is very important to the family, personally take care of the disabled brother.Learn more about his story today.Shui Junyi was born in 1963 in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the fourth child in his family.The shui family is a famous scholarly family in Gansu province.Grandpa water zi is peaches and plums all over the world, long on the first celebrity reputation.Living in such a family, water benefits, since childhood by the influence of traditional culture, for the family is very important.Shui Junyi’s life was very happy at first, but in the special era, because shui Tianming, shui Junyi’s father was a Russian professor at Lanzhou University at that time, he was criticized by people at that time.Shui Junyi’s eldest brother Water hengjin was only nine years old at that time, because there is always someone to make trouble in the home, so the spirit of water Hengjin gave a very big problem, and even lead to IQ dysplasia.But fortunately, thanks to the protection of parents, I can still live.At the age of 16, Shui Hengjin responded to the call of the state and followed countless young people to work in the countryside.Shui, however, failed to develop his IQ and soon developed epilepsy, making it difficult to live.But fortunately, because of the existence of parents, Shui Heng into life is not bad.And parents also place their expectations on water equalization.Since joining Xinhua News Agency in 1984, Shui Junyi has been at the forefront of many wars, covering the Gulf War, bosnia and Herzegovina War, Operation Desert Fox, the War on terrorism in Afghanistan and the Us-Iraq War.It can be said that Shuijunyi came all the way is a magnificent road, he witnessed the human nature and the pain of war.I also witnessed the tragedy of my family caused by the war.This also makes Shuijunyi more important to the family.In 2004, Shui’s father, Shui Tianming, died of a heart attack.Before passing away, what water tianming cares about most is the eldest son water hengjin that oneself intelligence quotient has defect, he does not have method to live after being afraid of him to leave.And water Junyi also saw his father’s concerns, said he would take good care of his brother, certainly will not let him suffer.My father saw the determination and commitment of water and was relieved to leave everything he loved.At first Shui Junyi’s brothers and sisters planned to take turns to take care of the elder brother Water Hengjin, but Shui Junyi said he had promised his father, will take good care of his brother, so he took care of his brother and mother on the line.Under the insistence of water equalization, other brothers and sisters can only agree to come down.In 1991, Shui Junyi and Wang Jun started their marriage. They were very loving, and in 1993, their daughter Shui Yishi was born, and their life became even happier.But after 2004, the relationship took a turn for the worse.At the beginning of Shui Junyi in 2004, Shui Junyi also had to prepare for “high-end interviews”, because they were all the political elites of various countries, so they needed to prepare a lot of things, which cost a lot of energy, and they had to take care of their eldest brother and mother, which made Wang Jun feel neglected.As time went by, Wang couldn’t bear such a life and divorced Shui Junyi in 2007.He was not angry about it because he knew he owed it to his wife.Then, in 2010, Shui married Yang Di, also a CCTV reporter but 13 years younger.Shuijun thought he might repeat the mistake, so he tried to spend time with Yang di.And Yang Di is not because of the age of the timid, but shuijunyi mother and brother as their own family care, very careful.12 years of time also for Shui Junyi gave birth to a pair of twins, now also happy life.What the editor wants to say here is that shuijunyi’s treatment of eldest brother and mother for several decades, can see his look at the family.This did not reduce with his success and fame, in the meeting of political elites, Shui Junyi is also worried about his elder brother.Affection is our essential feelings, but also the most important, because he can become our haven.Therefore, I hope you can treat your family well. This is the love that will accompany you all your life.I don’t know what you think of the story of water Benefits?Please leave your comments in the comments section.