Li Shimin is the biggest potential, he is more promising, why Li Yuan concubine li Jiancheng

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Among all the sons of Li Yuan, Li Shimin was undoubtedly the most influential.The relatives of the emperor and the landlords and nobles knew that Although Li Yuan was the emperor, he was not in charge of much. Besides, he was getting old and his sons were rising up.Therefore, in the early Tang Dynasty, it was an active thing for everyone, especially the concubines of Li Yuan who lived in the harem, to look for potential stocks and make themselves bigger by relying on potential stocks.For the situation at that time, the biggest potential value, is undoubtedly Li Shimin.Why Li Shimin?Because Li Shimin controls two resources that no one else has at all: one is that he controls military power and the other is that he controls talents.Although the founding of the country after the guns into the library, ma Fang Nanshan, Li Shimin even handed over the military power, because in the process of fighting the world, and the army soldiers established a myriad of intricate links.Those would still be his generals, those soldiers would still be his soldiers, and Li Shimin was still firmly in control of the army.In addition, during the war, many talents went to Li Shimin’s account and established a good relationship with li Shimin.They were very loyal to Li Shimin and resolutely refused to leave him.Even though li Jiancheng, the crown prince at that time, tried to draw them in, they were still unwilling to change the relationship between their master and servant.So, here is a problem, since Li Shimin is the greatest potential, why li Yuan’s concubines, do not want to curry favor with Li Shimin?We say that Li Yuan’s wives were unwilling to curry favor with Li Shimin because they had never tried to curry favor.Not only such, they still make contradiction with Li Shimin ceaselessly.For example, After Li Shimin laid the east capital, Li Yuan’s concubine Zhang Jieyu came to fight for the fief, and Li Shimin’s subordinates made a deep conflict.For example, when Du ruhui passed the door of Yin Defei’s father, his father demanded that Du must dismount and beat him.Both of these incidents were brought to Li Yuan, who severely scolded Li Shimin.If Li’s concubines had realized that Li Shimin was a potential emperor in the future, they would never have complained to Li Yuan and strained their relationship with him, much less argued with him.So they don’t realize it.So, why do these wives do this?It should be said that their vision is short, can not see Li Shimin is a potential stock, is a more important reason.After all, in their view, Li jiancheng was the crown prince, and the eldest son.According to tradition, the eldest son of a wife is most likely to succeed to the throne, let alone the crown prince.So, curry favor with Li Jiancheng is the most important.At the same time, to help Li Jiancheng strike Li Shimin, but also in helping Li Jiancheng, Li Jiancheng out of gratitude, will be able to give them more benefits.The second reason was their close association with Li Jiancheng.After all, Li Shimin was always out fighting, and it was Li Jiancheng who was doing the affairs of the imperial court.It can be said that Li Jiancheng almost lived with li Yuan’s concubines day and night, and their relationship was naturally very close.(Later, before the Xuanwumen coup, Li Shimin complained to Li Yuan that Li Jiancheng had an unspeakable relationship with his concubine, which could be said whether it was a false accusation or not, but it certainly aroused Li Yuan’s suspicion.This is also li Shimin “hit the snake hit seven inches” the means of brilliant performance.On the contrary, It was almost impossible for Concubine Li Yuan to get close to Li Shimin, who was always out fighting.The third reason was that Li Jiancheng was obviously weaker in character and less mature in politics.Li Shimin hated the imperial concubine interference, he knew that the imperial concubine interference would cause very bad results, so he always had no good face to these imperial concubines of Li Yuan.Even if they fawned on him, he would not speak to them.Therefore, it is impossible for the concubines to get any benefit from Li Shimin.Li Jiancheng, on the other hand, was weak and politically immature, so li Yuan’s wives could influence him.If you can influence him, you can get more out of him.This is very important for the future development of these concubines.In short, those concubine of Li Yuan, because they were not willing to stay in their place, but involved in the political struggle between Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin, and because they backed Li Jiancheng and bet on the wrong treasure, they finally came to the tragic end.(Reference materials: Old Book of Tang, New Book of Tang, Shizhi Tongjian, etc.)