Number of read | lexus annual sales of more than 760000 vehicles, the highest U.S. market, China accounted for nearly 30%

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Lexus has released its 2021 global sales figures: 760,012 units, up 6% year on year.In the Lexus global map, North America remains the brand’s largest sales market, with 232,000 lexus vehicles sold in North America in 2021, up 12% from the previous year and the highest sales performance ever.North America accounts for 43% of Lexus’s global sales.Lexus sold 227,000 units in The Chinese market in 2021, almost the same as in 2020 (225,000 units).Lexus stands at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, due to the strong performance of ES, RX, UX hybrid models, Lexus new energy vehicle sales reached about 260,000 units in the whole year, up 10% year-on-year, a record high.Along with the annual sales announcement, Lexus also took the opportunity to reveal the appearance of its latest electric vehicle, the RZ, which is lexus’s first pure electric line, so its product is equally important.In early December 2021, Lexus RZ450e prototype was first announced on the Official Website of The European lexus, and then in the global new energy strategy press conference in mid-month, it showed the RZ450e real car, and announced the brand’s electric energy field development plan, which includes by 2035,Lexus will transform into a pure new energy luxury brand with the goal.Toyota will launch 30 pure electric vehicles by 2030 On December 14 last year, Toyota Motor Company held a strategic conference on battery electric vehicles.Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda announced at the conference that the company will launch 30 all-electric vehicles by 2030 and invest 4 trillion yen ($35 billion) to develop electric vehicles by 2030.In addition, Toyota plans to increase its annual global sales target for all-electric vehicles under its Toyota brand to 3.5 million vehicles by 2030.Toyota’s latest electric car plan is a big surprise, given its previous plan to launch 15 all-electric models by 2025.