Prosecutor + Gold mediator to settle nine years of bad blood

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“Thanks to you, I not only got the compensation, but also solved the neighborhood conflicts in the past few years, so today I hurry to return the judicial aid to you, I hope it can help other people in more difficulties later, thank you again!”A few days ago, he came to the Procuratorate of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, will be 10,000 yuan in cash handed over to the prosecutor.It all started a few months ago.He mou and Zhang Mou are the neighbors of the house in front of the house, and the two families have conflicts because of land issues.In July 2021, Zhang hired workers and excavators to renovate the gravel road in front of his house.He saw this scene immediately came forward to stop, Zhang picked up a hoe to swing to he……This move leads to he mou 6 ribs fracture, spleen rupture, after the identification, constitute serious injury level two.In September of the same year, Zhang was transferred to zhuji City procuratorate for investigation and prosecution on suspicion of intentional injury.After the case is accepted, the prosecutor discovers he mou and zhang mou’s contradiction has a long history.In 2013, he mou home because of land problems to the relevant departments for many times to report zhang mou, the relevant departments for many times to organize the mediation of both sides were unsuccessful, both sides deep resentment.After the case occurs, Zhang mou obstinately refuses to pay medical expenses, and he Mou family life is hard up, unable to bear the cost of surgery.Zhuji City procuratorate in a timely manner to start judicial assistance procedures, he mou to allocate 10, 000 yuan of judicial assistance, to solve the emergency.”The crux of the case is how to resolve the problems between the two families.After receiving the money, He trusted us and offered to mediate with us.The prosecutor immediately contacted two people in the township grassroots spear center, spear center again to mediate on both sides.Four gold mediators composed of mediation team, using to find out the situation, elder intervention, separate mediation, package solution and other ways to mediate, the last 3 months, the two sides finally reached a settlement agreement: the two disputes of the land to re-pile lofting, clear stone road in front of zhang’s house construction plan;He mou get compensation, and sign interest visiting commitment and understanding.The nine-year conflict between the two sides has finally been properly resolved.Zhang mou for active compensation he mou loss, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years six months, suspended for three years.”The 10,000 yuan not only saved the man’s anxiety, but also warmed his heart.”After understanding the case, the people’s congress of zhejiang province QiZhuYing said, “zhuji city people’s procuratorate in the process of deal with legal aid cases, did not stop at the rescue itself, but we will do our best to help after half an article, try to resolve the case internal contradictions, to maximize the role of judicial relief to the, the heart with love is to solve the masses’ distress sorrow are the best interpretation.”