Rice noodle shop turned gambling den?As a result, the pot was served

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On the evening of February 7, qingyuan police destroyed an underground gambling den in Jiangbin Road, the county seat, and arrested 24 suspects on the scene, seizing gambling funds of more than 9,000 yuan, and 6 gambling tools such as fishing machines and panda machines.Among the 24 arrested, one was detained for criminal offenses and 17 were given administrative punishments.On the evening of February 7, songyuan police station police found something unusual in the place during their daily inspection, and immediately organized police to attack the casino. They found that many people were gambling in the form of fishing machines and panda machines.After inquiry, Yang mou admits to use fishing machine, panda machine to solicit others to gamble.According to the trial, Yang is qingyuan people, usually work in Yiwu, at the end of the year after returning to Qingyuan New Year feel bored at home, in his own rice and noodle shop behind the panda machine and fishing machine, invite neighbors to play.In order to attract customers, Yang also offered free cigarettes, fruits and drinks to players throughout the day.As more and more people play, Yang’s rice noodle shop can gather 30 to 40 people to gamble every day.Yang was found to have displayed a fishing machine with 10 operating slots and five panda machines from January to February 2022 in order to make money during the Lunar New Year holiday.However, these devices are not ordinary game consoles, but modified, with the selection of magnification, to small, up, down, screen scoring and other functions.According to relevant laws of our country, those who use such modified equipment for profit activities shall be punished as the crime of opening a casino.And Yang mou is the fishing machine into gambling machine, attract guests, profit.At the gambling scene, the police arrested 24 suspected illegal gambling participants on the spot, seized fishing machines and other video game gambling tools, collected gambling funds of more than 9,000 yuan in cash and a large number of game coins.At present, the suspect Yang mou has been detained in criminal detention according to law, the case is being handled further.Reporter | MaDong royal correspondent | zhang wei (state evening news)