Talk briefly about tomorrow’s opportunities

2022-04-22 0 By

The analysis of the market index on a sentence with it, today the two cities all day transaction 931.8 billion, foreign net purchase 484 million, trading volume or did not magnify how much, not a trillion rebound is not reliable, in short, today’s general rise, tomorrow will usher in the probability of differentiation, not the front row of tickets to lock in time.Talk about the opportunity that mentions yesterday next, with operable gimmick, a few better opportunity that mentions yesterday, rose limit.Unfortunately, there aren’t many tickets for the operation room.China blue, just like yesterday’s smell, high smashed open, although the accelerated deny, but the money on the market as a whole go bad, this can’t blame the market capital, infrastructure, after all, the plate opportunity too much, it is not necessary to run the risk of gem hollow board (gem daily limit or 20% of the properties of reason, two board will be focused on, three risk panels have a cup of tea,That’s not a risk most funds take lightly.) While the ultra-short opportunity is gone, the natural advantage of small plates will come in the next wave.Middle rock change hands is enough for 50%, but did not accelerate, the late pull up when it is already after the magic half past two, and the amount of money can not keep up, did not succeed in turning the mood.Hongrun, as said yesterday, the far end of the latent funding is a time bomb, exploded today, there is no 33% of the capital changed hands to remove the bomb, so it is estimated that in a short time Hongrun will be out.Zhonghai cheng is to give the opportunity to 10% of the latent chip for a quick change, accelerate up, there is a good chance of a half version.Haicheng is estimated to be a contraction of the trend of acceleration tomorrow, but do not impulsively to play board, because even if he is very good, but not infrastructure leading.Infrastructure leading protection federation and winter Olympic leading Yuan Long a word contraction completely do not give the opportunity, will not say too much, but in case tomorrow they give the opportunity, said is in case (lick dog attributes), they are still very worthy of attention.There is the old demon cuiwei of digital currency, Cuiwei is shrinking today, capital directly on the top, in fact, is also a good opportunity to enter.And finally, the chance of meat tomorrow.The sector of infrastructure construction is now in an awkward stage, and the leader of infrastructure construction has emerged, no doubt that it is the Insurance Federation. Under the leadership of the Insurance Federation, there is a large probability that many younger brothers will not give a chance to rise.The awkwardness is that if the younger brothers give it a chance, it means a big disagreement, a loss of conceptual sentiment, and a bigger risk.So do brother ticket best is big money willing to pick up the baton, like today in the city.Under the continuous shrinkage of jidong equipment is likely to appear such an opportunity.Although the opportunity of infrastructure sector is a bit awkward, but there are more opportunities elsewhere.For example, the digital currency plate, driven by the two great Deus of Cuiwei Hengbao, is estimated to be hot for a period of time. With the current large volume of Lao Nixie Cuiwei, it is easy to go out of divergence and increase volume and turn into a consistent trend.If Cuiwei can meet the volume of rapid completion of 25% change of hands, and there is a big capital attack market, in fact, is also a better choice.In addition, the leading hublot, if given the opportunity, is also a good chance to eat meat.Or xia Xinda if you can get out of the 15% change of hands to accelerate the market, is also very worthy of attention.Welcome to pay attention to me, teach you a little stock knowledge every day.