The construction site is in full swing!Xiang ‘an Binhai East Road reconstruction project is progressing steadily

2022-04-22 0 By

As the service guarantee 2023 “Asian Cup” the important municipal project – binhai East avenue (Xiang annan Road – Xiang ‘an tunnel section) reconstruction project, this year’s Spring Festival does not stop work, workers race against time to open on time to lay a foundation for preparation.After the completion of the project, it will greatly improve the road efficiency of the eastern sports exhibition New Town area.A few days ago, Xiamen Evening News reporter came to binhai East Avenue (Xiang annan Road – Xiang ‘an tunnel section) reconstruction project of the control of the main project through the tunnel, tunnel inside and outside a scene in full play.In the tunnel, the workers are scattered in different points, the pavement layer of concrete construction, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment;Outside the tunnel, several construction machines backfill the roadbed to prepare for the road structure construction after the Spring Festival.At the same time, there are still a part of the workers on both sides of the road sewage pipes and wire pipe gallery construction.He Yaxiong, the project manager, said that the main part of the underpass tunnel had been completed before the holiday, but there were still some mechanical and electrical works, pipes and other supporting works to be completed.During the Spring Festival, under the premise of ensuring quality, safety and civilized construction, the project department organized more than 100 construction and management personnel to stick to their posts and ensure the smooth progress of the project on schedule.According to the introduction, as the key project of the province and city of binhai East Avenue (Xiang Annan Road – Xiang ‘an tunnel section) transformation project, total length of about 2.904 kilometers, after the transformation of the main line is under the tunnel, double hole layout, two-way 6 lanes, design speed of 80 kilometers, function positioning as the urban expressway;The surface road functions as the city’s main road, two-way 8 lanes, the design speed of 50 km.(Article/Xiamen Evening News reporter Dai Shujing Correspondent Liu Chunrong photo/Li Yulin)