The government of The Canadian province of British Columbia has announced the lifting of several quarantine measures

2022-04-22 0 By

Chinese Overseas Chinese network February 17, according to The Canadian “Sing Tao Daily” reported, the Provincial government of British Columbia announced on The 15th local time, at 11:59 PM on the 16th, the lifting of a number of quarantine measures, including the relaxation of the number of people at designated venues, such as large family gatherings, indoor weddings, bars and indoor dancing venues.However, the existing mandatory indoor mask order and the vaccination card system in the province will remain in force.Premier John Horgan, together with the provincial Chief Health Officer Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix, said at a press conference on Monday that, with effect from 11:59 PM on Monday, the government will relax a number of rules,Health restrictions for Omicron were put in place.The relaxed measures include allowing provincial residents to hold parties in their homes;Bars and nightclubs in the province can be reopened, and restrictions on dining tables in restaurants and bars can be lifted for indoor dancing and communication;Organized events such as weddings and funerals can be moved indoors;Other public places that are currently restricted, such as cinemas, arts venues, fitness centres and dance studios, sports venues and other designated venues, will be allowed to hold sports events with the maximum admission restored.Henry reiterated at the meeting that mandatory face masks remain in place in indoor public Spaces and the BC vaccine card system remains in effect, both of which are a prerequisite for lifting or reopening the indoor population limit.The provincial vaccination card system and visitor requirements relating to long-term care measures will be reviewed over the next two months and risk and quarantine policies in schools and child care facilities will be reviewed, while the existing safety plan for COVID-19 will remain in place.Mr Henry noted that the vaccination rate in British Columbia has continued to rise, and is now above 90% for provincial people aged 12 and above, and above 90% for provincial people aged 5 and above for the first dose. The two-dose COVID-19 vaccination rate has risen to over 85%. The provincial government’s decision to lift the restriction is due to the high level of cooperation of the vast majority of provincial people.Capital are turning towards sustainable, long-term effective COVID – 19 outbreak management strategy, the sustainable strategies include: universal vaccination rates, independent health management work, and to the most easily because of will be coronavirus was seriously ill, action, to give their best to protect, Henry said: “the elder and impaired immune system, is still a concern.Phasing out restrictions is a transition to a sustainable COVID-19 management strategy that allows British Columbia to balance its economic, livelihood and preparedness efforts.”In the end, Henry said, the department of Health recommended that those infected with the disease manage themselves at home after completing vaccination.However, she warned that the Novel Coronavirus virus was likely to continue to mutate and the Health department would be monitoring the development of the virus and would be prepared to respond to future unknown strains of the virus.(Wang Hongshu)