Under the epidemic situation, taiyuan Teaching research and research Center is taking action with the city’s high-quality education resources

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Completes the outbreak under closed the school education teaching work, high quality education resources in the whole city taiyuan research centre polymerization in action And taiyuan research according to the arrangement of the epidemic situation and department of education scientific research center aggregation high quality education resources, support closed the school education teaching work, did it closed and teaching, the teaching effect not to drop, teaching quality is guaranteed.First, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the teaching and research work of the city should be adjusted. First, the teaching and research guidance mode should be changed, and the offline teaching and research work should be stopped, and the online group work should be changed.The second is the timely announcement of high school junior middle school teaching progress for grassroots schools to refer to the implementation.The third is the construction of new curriculum new textbook national demonstration area to provide teaching public class demonstration class as an opportunity to promote teachers of all disciplines online learning and teaching research, has been organized twice covering 14 disciplines 28 classes, lectures and evaluation of the exchange of 35 times, according to incomplete statistics, related disciplines teachers watch nearly 1000 person-time.Fourth, we will make full arrangements for the public welfare classroom work of famous teachers.After recording 459 synchronous public welfare classes of primary school, junior high school and high school subjects last semester, teaching and research staff of all disciplines in our center have organized outstanding backbone teachers to prepare lessons collectively and continue to record synchronous public welfare classes for teachers in the whole city.The second is to do a good job in supporting closed schools 66 middle school and Yangqu No. 1 middle school education and teaching work in the morning of March 2, our center held counterpart support closed schools work, called all senior high school and junior high school teaching and research staff, mental health teaching and research staff to form counterpart work special class, in response to the call of Taiyuan Municipal Education Working Committee to set up party members commandos.First of all, the subject teaching and research group of the school connects with the teaching and research staff of the middle and high schools of our center, and the subject teaching and research staff enter the school work group and class group, and provide help for the education and teaching needs of school teachers, and provide guidance for classroom teaching.The second is to provide 249 high-quality education resources, covering high school and junior high school disciplines for students to study independently.The third is to organize the teaching and research staff of all disciplines to conduct special review and preparation lectures for the graduating grade of senior three and junior three.From the current work progress for taiyuan sixty no.6 middle school high school teachers teaching courseware nearly 60, 95, recorded video to provide a full range of teaching courseware of two disciplines, provides information on the history, and four subjects such as Chinese, political questions and test data, and provide part 60 no.6 middle school teachers with a notebook and a pen and other office supplies.For Yangqu No. 1 Middle school, it provides teaching review materials of 9 subjects focusing on the graduating grade of senior three, including nearly 400 copies (sets) of test questions, key questions of the second round of review, English videos, extended materials, typical special topic review courseware, etc.We also provide corresponding teaching materials, teaching courseware and public teaching resources for senior one and senior two, which meet the teaching needs of teachers and are welcomed and thanked by teachers.Three is to close the teachers and students of psychological counseling work From the perspective of mental health for the students, the taiyuan city 60 no.6 middle school teachers and students after isolation, taiyuan city bureau of education organization founded the isolation between teachers and students groups, job security in the center of the mental health research staff Liang Jianmei led by the teacher, six core members in the research of mental health class teacher took part in the protection of psychological counseling group.It has investigated and understood the specific situation of teachers and students isolated in hotels of taiyuan city, each teacher is responsible for the psychological condition of teachers and students isolated in one city, and has written a specific research report.On March 1st, six teachers attended the psychological counseling arrangement meeting of the Education Bureau. They analyzed the current situation and the situation of teachers and students, and made specific design and arrangement for the later work.In the days that followed, group psychological counseling teacher counseling curriculum design, and made the psychological course, for the students’ psychological problems at present, teachers’ response demand, around the time management, goal management, emotion management, life management, and other aspects from the Angle of positive psychology, the curriculum design, and had been handed over to bureau of education and schools.At present, six psychological teachers have arranged the psychological hotline duty, and opened the hotline around the clock to provide one-to-one psychological counseling and assistance for teachers and students in isolation.At present, small group counseling can be carried out according to the needs of schools.At the same time, organize psychological counseling work, timely according to the arrangement of the education bureau and the school needs to adjust the work.(Source: Taiyuan Education and Research Center)