We will help achieve rural vitalization by launching projects

2022-04-22 0 By

The year 2022 is a crucial year for effectively linking the achievements of poverty alleviation and expansion with rural revitalization, as well as a starting year for taking on new missions and fulfilling new responsibilities. Muzhai Street promotes the orderly implementation of rural revitalization work by urging the project to start.Project construction is the important focus in the achievements of rural revitalization of the work, in poverty engines, jose village streets on poverty alleviation projects make a communal infrastructure conditions have greatly improved, but also establish the foundation for the development of a batch of industry, into the country revitalization phase, XianJieQi project to consolidate the achievement is of great significance to poverty.In the future project management, Muzhai Street will further improve its political position, enhance its sense of responsibility, urgency and mission to promote the construction of connection fund projects, focus on objectives and tasks, promote as a whole, make precise efforts, and effectively focus on the time and energy to do a good job of project construction.(Liu Linqing, Muzhai Street Office)