What’s the axiom of telling the truth and getting fired?

2022-04-22 0 By

Recently, guiyang High-tech Zone administrative examination and approval hall window of a staff in Guiyang, guiyang, because of an “unannounced visit” action, said a word of truth to the unannounced visitors, employers dismissed the news, caused public concern.According to media reports, the staff, surnamed Fang, was asked by an unannounced interviewer whether the business could be completed in one day. According to his own work practice over the past year, he told them that “it generally takes two or three days”.Because he tell the truth, and the high-tech zone foreign commitments in guiyang “enterprises transferred to Open Day”, lost the face of high-tech zone, not only by admonishing conversation, also laid off by the personnel organization department.The central committee has repeatedly called on party members and cadres to be realistic in their planning, in their entrepreneurship and in their conduct.To tell the truth, do not say lies, empty talk is the most basic requirement of life, let alone party cadres?In recent years, the style of some local cadres is not pure, in the face of superior inspection, reporting good news rather than bad news, in order to understand the real situation at the grass-roots level, the superior organs sent a variety of insinuating groups.If cadres and the masses lose their nerve and become afraid to tell the truth when the undercover investigation team conducts secret interviews, it will be a great loss to both the cause of the Party and the interests of the people.It is understood that the establishment of enterprises in Guiyang High-tech Zone cannot be completed in one day, because the inter-district joint operation mechanism of district administrative examination and approval is not perfect, social security and medical insurance need to be handled in other districts, and the accumulation fund need to be handled in the city accumulation fund center. Only after completing these procedures can the enterprise really be completed.Facing the existing problems, Guiyang High-tech Zone should try every means to break through the blocking points, improve the inter-district joint operation mechanism, and improve the efficiency.However, instead of solving the problem, we solve the person who raised the problem. This mechanism of reverse elimination of employment will surely lead to the bad consequences of using bad money to drive out good money, which should be resolutely corrected.Meng Yasheng/article wang Chengxi/photo