Who made the emperor’s new clothes

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The Emperor’s New Clothes was written by Andersen.For Andersen, compared to many people are not unfamiliar, who did not read Andersen’s fairy tales when they were young?Hans Christian Andersen was a famous Danish writer. His full name was Hans Christian Andersen. He began to write fairy tales in the 19th century.Therefore, Andersen is also known as “the sun of children’s literature in the world”. This honor can be said to be very high, which also confirms Andersen’s status in children’s literature.As for Andersen’s works, in fact we must be very familiar with, such as “The Daughter of the Sea”, “Thumbelina”, “the Little Match Girl”, “Ugly Duckling” and so on, these are Andersen wrote.So what is the story summary of the Emperor’s New Clothes?In this article, a foolish emperor was taken in by two swindlers who pretended that they could make him the most special and best clothes in the world, and the foolish emperor listened to them.As a result, the two swindlers took the money from the emperor and did not make any new clothes for him. Instead, they used air for clothes, that is, they had no clothes.The two swindlers pretended that only the wisest people could see the clothes. The emperor did not see them, but to show his cleverness, he pretended that he had seen the new clothes when he had no clothes at all.And the end of the story, the emperor naked to hold a parade ceremony, people dare not say the emperor did not wear clothes, only a child said: “he did not wear clothes.””The Emperor’s Heart” deeply exposed the emperor’s fatuity and the size of the officials hypocrisy, cunning, stupid ugly nature, praise the courage to uncover the false innocence of the childlike innocence.