30 billion “red envelopes” will be distributed in the next 3 years!”Miss Dong” made another big move

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Today’s “Welcome New Year and Visit Famous Enterprises” comes to Gree Electric Appliances.Just this week, Gree electric Appliances announced that it would pay out at least 30 billion yuan in dividends from more than half of its profits over the next three years.From distributor sales to embrace live delivery, from a single air conditioning enterprise to power small household appliances, from the production of consumer goods to diversified industrial products…In the face of the new market changes, how does Gree Electric Appliances respond and in what fields will it make efforts this year?Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, was interviewed by CCTV financial reporter.After the epidemic, the proportion of Gree’s online sales continued to increase. Dong Mingzhu not only stepped out to speak for Gree herself, but also brought her secretary to fame recently.In September 2021, Meng joined Gree through a variety show and became the new traffic password.Dong Mingzhu said that in 2022 to continue the sales channel reform.How to win on the battlefield of Internet sales is the new subject she has to face.Reporter Chen Haobing: your secretary, she is also quite popular in some social platforms now, you said to make her the next Dong Mingzhu, is how to do it?Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances: Dong Mingzhu, is not a label.But to dare to bear hardships, dare to challenge themselves, my character itself is unyielding.Meng Yutong has that kind of spirit. I hope to cultivate her for a few years. Maybe she can take over my position one day.As the growth of the air conditioning market slows down, Gree electric Appliances’ products are being extended to diversified household appliances.Channels are changing, products are changing, but Dong Mingzhu’s unyielding, the pursuit of perfection has not changed.Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and PRESIDENT of Gree Electric Appliances: Basically, there are all kinds of household appliances. After many people come to Gree, they find there are so many things in Gree!It was beyond their imagination.At present, gree’s main product line of household appliances has covered 8 categories and 43 categories.Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and PRESIDENT of Gree Electric Appliances: In 2022, we want to make great efforts in household appliances. Everyone thinks that small household appliances are FMCG products. Such FMCG products will break down in three to five months, so they don’t need to be so strong.But I feel small home appliance also should use 3 5 years, no matter say individual consumption, still be whole resource consumption it may not be a bad thing, should have such thinking.I feel like I have to keep my loneliness.Dong Mingzhu admits that Internet marketing is often low-price oriented, which will cause bad money to drive out good money, which once made her confused.She always believes that quality is the lifeblood of manufacturing industry, and we should have the courage to “turn the blade inward”.In 2022, Gree Electric Appliances will continue to focus on quality.Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and PRESIDENT of Gree Electric Appliances: In product development, many technicians will feel my pressure and I will not pass any defect.If we only use low price to win the short-term market, but lose the value of a brand, I think it is irresponsible for China to make the right choice.Dong Mingzhu: to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, we must dare to bite “hard bones” to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, Dong Mingzhu is determined to start from scratch with the spirit of biting hard bones.Reporter Chen Haobing: I found that Gree has been moving up the industrial chain, not only to produce air conditioners, but also to produce moulds for air conditioners, industrial robots for moulds, CNC machine tools and so on. Why did gree choose a seemingly difficult road?Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances: If you don’t make money, it’s hard to make money.It takes a long time, 10, 15 years.Who will do the disadvantageous thing?I think we should do it, because I pursue core, innovation ability, technology research and development ability, talent.In the home appliance industry, enterprises with high salaries to poach my talent.Our CNC machine tools have served the automotive industry, the electronics industry, I feel very proud, although the scale is not large, but I think it is valuable.In Ms. Dong’s view, the new energy sector represents gree electric appliances’ future.After holding out for Yinlong New Energy, the company, which has been renamed Gree Titanium, embodies Ms Dong’s ambitions in energy storage.In 2022, Gree Electric Appliances will continue to lay out the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry and add new technologies to the low-carbon transformation.Dong mingzhu said the biggest feature of lithium titanate battery is safety, no matter high or low temperature, it will not catch fire, will not explode.At present, its technical route is clear.It meets the requirements of energy storage and mass transportation. In the future, every family may have four or five kilowatt-hours of energy storage demand.She believes that the project is chosen for future development needs.Chen Haobing reporter: will your heart set a cycle?Or time?When will it grow into something visible?Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and PRESIDENT of Gree Electric Appliances: I hope the cycle is as soon as possible, next year, this year?We hope that gree Electric Appliances can be listed in the way of several major sectors, but there is a principle, not to circle money.(CCTV Finance)