Cangshan set up two “Kechuang Post stations”

2022-04-23 0 By

Cangshan District opened two “kechuang Post stations” in the Internet town and Telilin technology business incubator on Monday.This is also the first batch of “kechuang Post station” in Fuzhou.According to reports, the cangshan district “kechuang Post station” aims to build a communication bridge between business departments and enterprises, get through the “last kilometer” of the whole chain of scientific and technological innovation work, and promote the scientific and technological progress and innovation development in Cangshan District.”Kechuang station” service, fellowship, comprehensive service platform, mainly for small and mid-sized enterprise r&d investment in science and technology activities, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the collection, science and technology project declaration, innovation platform construction, all kinds of qualification authentication, credit enterprise policy interpretation and science and technology information resource sharing and other kinds of business guidance and services,Strive to build a dynamic and attractive “home of enterprises”.(Reporter Lin Ming correspondent Cang Xuan)