Chinese sports delegation: The Chinese team has got off to a smooth start in line with overall expectations

2022-04-23 0 By

On February 10, the secretary-general of the Chinese Sports delegation answered the journalists’ questions on the work related to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On how to evaluate the Performance of The Chinese team in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the official said:Since the Beijing Olympics, Chinese delegation to show the overall in line with expectations, the first five matches has achieved three gold 2 silver and excellent result, created the opening on the first day after gold, multiple projects won the gold medal, refresh the winter Olympics team history best, realize the first race, such as historic breakthrough, snow and ice project progress achieved leap-forward development in our country.At the same time, we are also delighted to see that the new era of Chinese athletes at the winter Olympic Games in the competition with the world’s highest level of the athletes hit, beyond the self, show the indomitable, have the courage to challenge the will of the quality and open confidence, solidarity spirit of tolerance, won the friendship, get the extensive concern of the people of the whole country and the social from all walks of life and widespread praise.I would like to thank all the Chinese people for their care and support for the Chinese Sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. I would also like to thank all the volunteers, staff members and friends from the media who have made great efforts for the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics.What achievements does the Chinese sports delegation plan to achieve in the Beijing Winter Olympics?The official replied that the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games had got off to a smooth start.At the same time, we are soberly aware that there is still a big gap between China and the world’s best in many of the 109 events in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the competition situation is changing rapidly.In future competition, the Chinese sports delegation will continue holding the indomitable attitude, learn, have the courage to challenge themselves, not afraid of difficulties, continuous efforts, to take the moral gold medal, clean style gold, gold medal as the goal, actively show new era spirit and competitive level of Chinese athletes, realize the performance and spiritual civilization double harvest,With the “Winter Olympics fever” driving the “snow and ice fever”, we will continue to consolidate the achievements of “attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports” and contribute to the simple, safe and wonderful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics.(CCTV reporter Yang Hongyang)