First look!Qingbaijiang 2022 Urban Opportunities list released

2022-04-23 0 By

Qingbaijiang District has released its list of urban opportunities for 2022 and its listing time.The list released 20 cases involving housing land, with a total area of 1,598.5 mu.It is distributed in international railway port, Qixing Island, smart Industry City and Phoenix New City.Among them, 12 pure residential land, a total of 850.5 mu;8 residential and commercial land, a total of 748 mu.The maximum plot ratio of housing land is 2.5, and the minimum plot ratio is 1, which is lower than last year.The minimum plot area is 14.7 mu, and the maximum is 171 mu.The overall planning of Qingbai River is one port and three cities, one port is the international railway port, and the three cities are the smart industry city, Phoenix New City and Rongou Industry City.Rong Europe Industry City free trade zone is based on industry, so live in the smart industry city is the old city and Phoenix New City.The list of urban opportunities phoenix New City launched 9 residential land at a time, Phoenix New City is located in the city’s railway S1, S10, S12 (planning) enclosed zone, close to qingbaijiang high-speed railway station, the traffic is very convenient.As the gateway of Qingbaijiang Free Trade Zone, The Jiuyuan Of Listening Lake enjoys the dividend of ecology and life faster than others.Moreover, it presents qingbaijiang City with nine beautiful landscapes and low density of full-age leisure space.There are still a small number of shops on sale, the total price of only 300,000 yuan.There are meicheng Square, Fenghuangli water Street and other commercial supporting facilities in the surrounding area. In the future, five-star hotels such as Chengxiang East Pavilion will be built in the surrounding area.Equipped with qingbaijiang District People’s Hospital, Datong Primary School, Dawan Middle School, Chuanhua Middle School and so on;Close to phoenix Lake ecological wetland Park, good ecological resources.The list of investment opportunities will also be released at the same time as the first batch of urban opportunities in 2022. If you leave a message “Qingbaijiang” in the background, you can get the “qingbaijiang Urban Opportunities list in 2022” and “Qingbaijiang Urban Opportunities List in 2022”.END1. Data source: Qingbaijiang Investment Promotion and Economic Cooperation Bureau;2. If there is any factual error or suspected infringement in the article, please inform us, and we will verify and deal with it according to law;