Huludao: Longgang district today to vaccinate the first two needle three needle and strengthen the needle inoculation point are there

2022-04-23 0 By

This morning, many residents in Longgang District of Huludao city issued the relevant notice of vaccination that day, please pay attention!Vaccination notice: January 24 vaccination site vaccination: the first shot over 1.3 years old!2. After 21 days of Sinovac, the second needle of biology!3) The second and third stitches!4.18 years of age and over 6 months (before July 24) to get the third booster shot!Vaccine manufacturer: 1. biology 2. kexing 3. wisdom fly vaccinal unit: 1. Huludao city the fourth people’s hospital (zinc factory hospital) all day vaccinal!2.92493 Army Hospital (313 hospital) all day!(Note: people over 3 years old can be vaccinated) 3. Beigang Street Community Health Service Center (city second Hospital —- former Longgang District Hospital inpatient building) all day!(Note: people over 3 years old can be vaccinated) 4.5. All day long vaccination in Guangji Hospital!(Note: only adults) 6. Shuangshu Township health center afternoon vaccination!Note: 1. Stop the first injection of three-dose Zhifei vaccine!2. Three injections of intelligent flying vaccine can be different inoculation!3. The third reinforcing needle needs to bring the vaccination certificate of the first two needles (electronic version of mobile phone mini program is also acceptable)!