Leping Hospital affiliated to Foshan First People’s Hospital was officially inaugurated to pilot the construction of a new type of medical alliance

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Foshan News reporter Tang Yongyin, correspondent Sun Kai reported: On the afternoon of January 28th, the opening ceremony of Leping Hospital affiliated to Foshan First People’s Hospital was held in Leping Town People’s Hospital, Sanshui District.Activities, sanshui district, foshan city, foshan city, the people’s government and the first people’s hospital signed a cooperation framework agreement, consign yaumcha town people’s hospital, city the first people’s hospital to conduct a comprehensive management, formal form into a new type of medical couplet, a move that will further enhance the level of basic medical and public health services and fight for Buddha north new industrial park construction provides the high quality of public medical service support.Zhou Zixiao, Deputy mayor of Foshan city, Lian Lingdong, Party Secretary of The Municipal Health Bureau, Hu Xuejun, Party Secretary of Sanshui District, Li Jun, Lin Junheng, deputy district head, And Wu Congying, Deputy district head and Party secretary of Leping Town, attended the event.The 13th Party Congress of Foshan proposed to promote the capacity expansion, quality improvement and balanced distribution of high-quality medical resources, strengthen the construction of disease prevention and control system, improve the multi-level medical security system, and improve the level of grassroots medical and public health services.Leping Town, as the core area of the South China Sea Sanshui Cooperation and the Construction of the New Industrial Park of The Northern War of Buddha, has been accelerating the optimal layout of high-quality medical and public health resources, and improving the quality and enabling the integration of industry and city with the high-quality public health system.In October 2021, Leping Town People’s Hospital officially opened, which is the first secondary public hospital in Leping Town. People can enjoy high-quality public medical and health services without leaving the town.In order to further enhance yaumcha town people’s hospital management, service and technology level, the town of yaumcha consign yaumcha town people’s hospital as a whole, the first people’s hospital of foshan city to conduct a comprehensive management, the introduction of the municipal hospital brand and resources, two hospitals to pilot model to explore the experience, build closer, couplet of new medical cooperation pattern.In the future, leping Town people’s Hospital added “Foshan First People’s Hospital affiliated Leping Hospital” brand.After the city first People’s Hospital takes over, it will improve the organization and personnel Settings of the town People’s Hospital, promote the translation of high-quality resources, strengthen technical support, promote the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, operate in accordance with the mode of “separation of management and operation”, formulate the “goal of achieving two grades in five years”, and continuously enhance the comprehensive ability of medical services.”For a long time, the City’s First People’s Hospital has actively played a leading role in regional health, taking the opportunity of high-level hospital in Guangdong Province and Foshan Mountain-climbing Plan to promote the discipline construction and high-quality development.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the hospital actively implemented the national new medical reform policy and took the lead in the construction of medical alliance in Foshan. The reform results benefited the citizens of the whole city and played a certain demonstration effect in the construction of medical alliance in the province.”Chen Guoqiang, president of Foshan First People’s Hospital, said that the city first People’s Hospital will shift medical resources, through specialized training, clinical teaching, further study and other forms of training talents for leping Town People’s Hospital.At the same time, by sending experts to carry out outpatient service, surgery, business guidance, management assistance and other forms of cooperation to strengthen the construction of specialized cooperation, scientific research project collaboration, jointly build medical institution characteristics, key departments, discipline construction, to assist Leping Town People’s Hospital to improve clinical research capacity.Leping Town is the main industrial battlefield of Sanshui and the location of Sanshui Park in Fogao District. The total industrial output value exceeds 130 billion yuan and the town’s permanent population exceeds 200,000 people. The masses’ demand for increasing the supply of high-quality medical resources in Leping is increasing day by day.In recent years, Leping town has worked hard to improve the quality of the city and improve public services to create a better urban environment for the masses.With leping Town People’s Hospital and the city’s First People’s Hospital to build a close medical alliance, leping people in the future “at home” will be able to enjoy the quality medical services of the municipal three grade A hospital.In addition, the grass-roots public health system of Leping Town is also constantly improving, and a service network covering both urban and rural areas has been built.Up to now, Leping Town has built 9 public community health service stations, including Dagang, Sanjiang, Sanxi, Nanlian and Yuantan, etc. The basic basic medical and health system of “one center, nine stations” has been basically formed, realizing full coverage of public medical service in all villages within the jurisdiction.The pattern of “one center and nine stations” has taken shape. The basically sound medical service system can provide the diagnosis and treatment services of common and frequently-occurring diseases and basic public health services for the residents within the jurisdiction, and guarantee the basic needs of residents in medical treatment, health, preventive health care and nursing.With the acceleration of the construction of the new Industrial park, high-end industries and population will gather further, and Leping Town will accelerate the improvement of medical service level.This year, the second meeting of the 18th National People’s Congress of Leping town proposed to accelerate the completion of education and medical shortcomings, strengthen the need to ensure a better life, and continue to consolidate the “temperature leping”.Next, Leping Town will build a high standard of the town people’s Hospital and the city’s first people’s Hospital medical alliance, the introduction of high-quality technical services and large-scale high-end equipment, to carry out personnel assistance and education, build the city’s first people’s Hospital affiliated leping Hospital.Strengthen community health service centers, optimize the site layout of public medical institutions, and improve the medical system.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com