Liver bad person, the head will appear 4 typical signals, fast control self-examination

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“The liver is not good, all diseases”, this sentence is not empty talk, the liver is the body’s “detoxification master”, the human body’s intake of drugs, food are catabolism by the liver, the final discharge of the body.Toxins can be harmful to your health, but the liver helps to remove toxins and save your health, so the liver is very important to your body, and if the liver is damaged, the body will suffer.Common saying says “all inside must form at outside”, liver function is unusual although won’t particularly obvious characteristic, but body exterior also can appear a few “hint” alert people, especially head, have more obvious expression.Liver is not good, head prophet!There are 4 abnormalities on the head, or hint of liver disease “visit”, learn to check abnormal 1: the hair greasy hair abnormal condition, such as just washed hair in the morning, afternoon hair becomes greasy, occurrence of this kind of situation, may be liver metabolism problems, must be vigilant against liver disease.Most of the lipid substances consumed in the human body are catabolic through the liver. If the liver function is abnormal, the metabolism rate of oil decreases, and excessive oil in the body will accumulate in the hair follicle, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of fast oil in the head. If it is not improved in time, it may also cause serious hair loss.Abnormal 2: acne is tufted appear the circumstance that grows acne commonly, can be caused by abnormal metabolism of hormone inside body, still have a kind of circumstance is, liver is abnormal toxin accumulation, also cause blain blain.Liver as human detoxification organs, after being injured, there will be abnormal detoxification, toxins can not be metabolized to the body in time, accumulated in the face, there will be acne on the face, acne, the common position is a lot of acne on the front forehead, then need to pay attention to, may be bad liver.Abnormal 3: the facial expression of gloomy normal person is thoroughly red in white, very burnish, and the person with abnormal liver function, facial expression is very not good-looking, present gloomy phenomenon, it is liver poison accumulation that makes clear when appearing this kind of circumstance.From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, facial expression gloomy is the expression of qi and blood inadequacy, and liver basically has function of hide blood, when liver is damaged blood inside body cannot nourish face, facial expression can become dim and dark without light, gloomy hair is yellow.Abnormal 4: sclera yellowing sclera yellowing is abnormal situation, in the light of this kind of phenomenon, a lot of people think it is malnutrition or be brought about excessively with the eye, won’t contact liver damage, little imagine, liver Lord eye, liver damage can be reflected directly on the eye.Due to impaired liver function, the metabolism of bilirubin in the body is abnormal, and a large amount of bilirubin is accumulated in the body and released into the blood, resulting in jaundice.And scleral yellowing is a typical manifestation, which is also one of the important basis for judging liver disease. For patients with liver disease, most people have symptoms of scleral yellowing.After the beginning of spring to raise the liver, to do the following 2 things: 1, supplement nutritional elements if your liver also exists different degrees of damage, usually can improve their diet, often supplement nutritional elements, it can assist to alleviate liver damage, enhance liver function.Especially the following: wolfberry can alleviate liver discomfort, qinggan mingmu, qingrejiedu effect, effectively prevent the deterioration of liver disease, promote body detoxification;Huangjing can enhance liver metabolism, assist in repairing damaged liver cells, improve liver cell activity, purify the liver environment, and reduce the risk of liver cell damage.The combination of chrysanthemum and cassia seed can help to improve the immunity of patients with liver disease, prevent carcinogenesis of liver cells, relieve the discomfort caused by liver disease, and help to protect and nourish the liver.Often drunkenness, social intercourse, overwork the person that stays up late, might as well often complement a few, for your liver “protect escort”.Two, to ensure adequate sleep research has found that during sleep, liver blood can smoothly flow into the liver, begin self-repair, detoxification metabolism, and during the night from eleven to two in the morning, belongs to the liver meridian cycle time, this time the human body as far as possible in a state of sleep, is conducive to liver health.Accordingly, to protect liver, everybody nurturance sleeps early as far as possible the life habit that gets up early, avoid stay up late, ability can make liver blood obtains recuperate raise, be beneficial for restoring liver function more.