Media comment “grab single type” life-saving sprint: Luzhou takeout little brother Luo bug Dong “the most beautiful algorithm”!

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On January 24, a young mother put her baby down and climbed onto the bridge in Luzhou, Sichuan province.Takeout little brother riding a battery car passed by, in the rearview mirror alert wrong, threw down the car 100 meters sprint to save people.When the police arrived and the public persuaded the minor, the little brother left quietly and continued to deliver goods.Luzhou municipal Party committee propaganda department confirmed that the whole network like the express little brother has been found, he called Luo Worm Dong, 20 years old this year, is luzhou Xuyong County shuiwei town people.”The moment I ran, I saw his tattered cloak behind him, an invisible hero.Pride of Sichuan!!””There is a ‘bug’ in the name, but a ‘dragon’ in reality.””Run like hell without hesitation!Brave and warm young people will shine in any profession.”…Comments in the comments section were equally warm.As a Courier, when he saw the woman’s strange behavior in his rearview mirror, he immediately grabbed the “order” to save life, New Year’s express, safely delivered!How does the life-saving “algorithm” calculate?The most commendable algorithm is the response speed. Once the peripheral vision is swept, the vision is transferred from the eyes to the brain to stimulate the reaction for about 180 milliseconds. Without any hesitation, the little brother turned back and pulled up and ran for tens of meters at the limit speed.This algorithm, automatically opened life first “grab single mode”, can be called “the most beautiful algorithm”.According to the regent, he had no time to think of anything but pulling her up.We believe that it is precisely these “modules” of kindness, courage, confidence and determination that are stored early in Dong’s body so that his brain can directly invoke these modules to make the most efficient decision.It is precisely the “original” binding that abandons the negative modules such as hesitation, suspicion and vacillation, so that the implementation becomes clean and pure without a trace of muddiness.Another algorithm is temperature.The most avoid cold, cold soup can also be hot, the heart can not cool.Why do we so often hate the sensible, passive spectators, because they are cold, they are cold, they are lifeless, they are dying.Especially in the snow to send charcoal, adversity when the drum song, think of what people think, urgent people urgent, this ancient road hot intestine, need the whole society to warm and promote, incentive recognition.It is reported that meituan, the platform where he works, has awarded him the honorary title of “pioneer flag Bearer” and 10,000 yuan.We like the positive feedback!The “algorithm” of the food delivery industry, invisible and intangible, virtually regulates the pace and enthusiasm of every food delivery boy. On the road of life, we also need to temper the modules and “algorithm” to regulate our enthusiasm in pursuing truth, kindness and beauty, and to know and do what is righteous and brave.If the calculated interests are called human calculation and the rules that operate according to law are called natural calculation, it is often the case that “human calculation is worse than natural calculation”.In luo Bug Dong rescue moment, he should not have time to “calculate” their own gains and losses, not “calculate” the battery car thrown broken how to do (later on, at least the rearview mirror was broken), delayed delivery how to do…We praise this kind of standing up, luo Chu dong is not luo “impulse”, he follows the law, is the human human compassion, is a party to help all directions consciously, is not stained with dust pure feelings.These “original factory module”, “the most beautiful algorithm”, deeply rooted in our values, the critical moment, directly call it!Article written by: Xie Jiao, Xinhua Daily Telegraph. Text editor: Li Linwei. Photo source: Zhu l